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Today, I went to the drive-through and ordered 5 cheeseburgers. I told the cashier that some of them were for my girlfriend. I don't have a girlfriend, and I ate all of them by myself. FML
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why even lie about it. doubt she cared

The cashier might have thought they were for other people anyways. Why would the cashier care? It's none of her/his business.


why even lie about it. doubt she cared

YDI for going through drive-throughs. YDI for ordering 5 burgers. YDI for eating all of them. YDI for not having a girlfriend. YDI for lying.

In case you were wondering: no, we do not find this clever, #9.

16, I don't give crap about what others think/post about my comments. (In case you were wondering...)

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let me see u fat no girlfriend and lie that's gonna get u a date real fast

YDI for caring what anyone thinks about you.

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the cashier doesnt give a shit who the food is for. ydi for thinking she cares. ydi for lying about something stupid. loser.

ydi for thinking she cares and for eating 5 cheeseburgers fatty.

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even if one of them was for a gf, then u woulda ate 4 burgers? smh. ydi.

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I want to agree with 28 and 38, but within this same thread, half of the commenters will call OP a fatass. People are judgemental, and judgement hurts. We breed insecurity by the way we treat others. =( That being said, OP, you clearly know that there's a problem, or you wouldn't have posted this in an open forum. I hope you find the motivation to change your habits and gain more confidence.

i get a few or more burgers by myself almost all the time. why be embarassed by it...these fml's suck

it's funny because you lied about being single and fat I bet those Cheeseburgers were nice and moist

I agree with everyone above who said YDI for thinking the cashier cares. I'm sick of all this FMLs of losers that lie about their lives. They complain that they're fat, that they have no friends, or no bf/gf. Who the crap moderates these?!

YDI for being single YDI for being fat YDI for not getting fries with those burgers

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Damn, now I agree with #50 more than #28. Sorry, #28.. :/

yeah at jack in the box I typically get about 2700 calories worth of food to myself. no I'm not fat because I am a swimmer with a fast metabolism that works out a lot. I mean if I did this every day I would probably get fat, but everyone loves cheeseburgers every once in a while

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Aaaaaanddddd... 65 proves my point. So sad that we cover our own flaws by pointing out the flaws of others.

I bet the cashier knew you were lying if you actually took the time to explain it. they could of assumed you were ordering for the fan to

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#9, Let me show you how its done... YDI For Eating YDI For Eating Burgers YDI For Eating 5 Burgers YDI For Driving A Car YDI For Owning A Car YDI For Knowing How To Drive A Car YDI For Entering A Drive-Through YDI For Talking To A Cashier YDI For Paying The Cashier YDI For Not Lieing To The Cashier YDI For Not Pretending To Have A Girlfriend YDI For Having A Boyfriend YDI For Not Eating A lot. #9 I still like your big nose though...

#63 and #9 u two just as ugly as each other, hook up and have scary babies together

16- #9 is definitely not clever. She has to steal ideas from other people so she can try to make herself look smart. In all reality, it's freaking annoying.

Wtf happened to the rest of my comment???

120 - That's not a picture of me, but thanks for your honesty. ;)

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that sucks.… I bet the cashier really didn't care though :(

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This, sir, is why you don't have a girlfriend.

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Meh nothing wrong with eating copious amounts of cheeseburgers. No need to feel bad just because some no life little kids make fun of you online. You could probably get a pretty hot fat chick though, just sayin'

it's okay if you were stoned. if not YDI.

I'm barely able to even finish one.. and I agree with #20 plus nice abs

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you made it seem like you had a fat girlfriend.

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op should have said icanhazcheezeburger!

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9 got rofl BBQ stomped hahahahhaa heeeeehaaaah ima horse!!!!

I'm reading alot of fat comments. now tell me where it says they are fat? just because someone eats alot does not mean they are fat. my best friend eats 4 burgers, fries, and sometimes shakes too and he's weights around 150.

16, Your comment was so comedic, it was a tragedy

selenagirl, you are so dumb it hurts, regards

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16- ur pic is really creeping me out and y even hav tht? r u some serial killer? OP- YDI for eating five hamburgers! and i can see y u dont hv a gf. ur a freaking fat guy! and theyre hamburgers r very fattening FYI! 

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Salads cool too? sorry man but i cant say i know how that feels cuz im a 135 pound twig as a sophmore in high school.

181. You obviously need to play more left 4 dead

**** 16 looking at ur pic for an extended amount of time is like a horror movie already.

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lol why were you ashamed to eat cheeseburgers?

how Is this an FML? I even moderated this 1 i pressed NO!

Seriously... Cheeseburgers are awesome. And the cashier doesn't give a shit if you eat 20 of them by yourself, all they want is for you to hand over the $$, take the damn cheeseburgers and leave

I know right... my little bro drives me crazy.. he always orders five cheeseburgers, fries, a shake... he has absolutely not one ounce of fat on him... unfair!

don't fret 107. eventually he'll get older, be less active, metabolism will slow and he'll be fat and on lipitor if he doesn't change his eating habits. just have patience ;).

So OP you were worried about what one person working at mcdonalds thought of you but you don't care about what everyone on the Internet thinks of you? Well done you are officially an idiot.

Cmonn OP you're not exactly helping the USA's reputation of being fat liars :(

You deswrve it for being ashamed I order 8 burgers at a time and don't give a ****. They are in no position to judge you they work at ******* mcdonalds!

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Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut, a pizza hut, a pizza hut. Mcdonalds, mcdonalds!

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I'll bet that 95% of the FML's aren't real.

I wonder how you came to that estimate and conclusion?

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hahaahahahah I love your pic

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Nice job being a tool cam. Also, you should have used a coma instead of those three dots and the word "but" should not be capitalized.

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Freeze's pictures are always the best.

I wasn't being sarcastic Adan! You're cool for protecting me! 

hey, nobody pics on selenagirl, nobody....or you'll have to deal with my 6'4 260lb ass coming at you like the hulk. your looking gorgeous as always Salenagirl ;)

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okay the picture isn't even talking about using correct grammer. its just say how anoying it is when people type , like this .

88: comma* (Yes, I'm aware that's a spelling error.)

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thanks #149, but I mean coma. I've always found comas to be much more effective than commas. ;)

The cashier might have thought they were for other people anyways. Why would the cashier care? It's none of her/his business.

What no diet coke to go with your imminent cardiac arrest? lol Good luck with that