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  drewflav  |  17

As a cashier in a grocery store I notice the following things only:

1. Abnormally large orders ($300 or more)
2. Large quantities of the same item
3. Very odd combinations

Otherwise, unless I feel like guessing what's for dinner, I really don't care because I'm trying to get you through as fast as I can. One pork chop and some veggies won't elicit a comment from me because it's obvious what you're doing with it. A banana, condoms, and a romance novel being bought by a woman might raise my eyebrow a little but no more. 30 cases of pop will make me ask what the special occasion is.

  perdix  |  29

#4, I also was a cashier once and I judged the customers harshly. My boss was about to fire me for the numerous complaints piling up against me, but I quit first because the clientele disgusted me.

"The customer's always right?" Bullshit! I'm almost always right!! (I'm not cut out for retail :()

  tukies  |  28

I was a cashier for quite a few years. Most of them barely look at what people buy. Honestly all I cared about was when my lunch was, or if it was getting close to quitting time. Don't worry so much about what others think, and buy what you wanna buy.

  fordneagles  |  34

You haven't been doing this FML thing very long, have you #38? :P

I work in retail. Trust me when I say most cashiers REALLY don't care what you're buying. We just want to get through the encounter and move on to the next customer while we count down for the end of our shift.

  BrockALee  |  14

I don't need to know it anymore :D but I did. Oh well, I got 86% anyway. And to the person who gave me their oh-so-insightful opinion on the 'joke', your insult wasn't any better.

By  Qwermy  |  16

While the cashier may mentally judge, it doesn't matter. Their primary thought is how long til their shift ends. Believe me; I've worked that job