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  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

Why is this downvoted? it's hilarious.

  OlRed  |  28

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By  Mathalamus  |  24

this isn't too bad. i do the same for the rare times i go to A&W alone. and i do it proudly.

i like to eat alone where no one can judge me. and i can observe the entire fast food joint quietly. :D

  BananEnigma  |  24

I prefer always taking my food home for that reason. Even if it gets cold on the way (obviously if you walk from the fast food place for 15-20 minutes your food will cool lol, but I don't care).

No matter what amount of food I order, I always feel like I'm being unfairly judged or stared at... Then again I feel like that most of the time anyway.... AAAAaaannndddd I have Misophonia, so eating out where I can hear other people isn't usually something I strive to do, unless I have my good pair of earplugs or headphones...

In any case, when I get home, it feels so peaceful and awesome to just sit on the couch and munch on the fast food with nothing but the tv or keep you company while I eat. I find it very comforting to do so. :)

/end of random speech, I guessssssssssszz....

  OlRed  |  28

But... why? I mean unless you got a stick up your *excuse my French* about eating with normal people.
But seriously food shaming,, class shaming, just a few of the things wrong in the world and we wonder why people have so much hate. }Trump 2016{ hahaha but seriously if you don't want to eat there don't, just don't shame other people who do.

  socialproduct  |  19

#44, I'm sorry if my anecdotal comment about myself (and not other people) offended your fragile McSensibilities.

The only person talking about food shaming and classism is you. If your perception of your local McDonalds patrons is that they must either be poor or fat, then that's on you. Don't project your BS onto other people, please.

  AkameGaKill  |  11

eating a McDonald's isn't something to be ashamed of unless you eat there like every week

By  Rawrshi  |  25

I know it feels awkward, I have massive anxiety socially and around food myself, but I promise they don't care, OP. They're more worried about getting everyone through the line as quickly as possible than whether or not someone may have ordered two cheeseburgers for themselves. Which really isn't very much food anyway and they were likely happy with a simple order. No one is judging you and they forgot about you the second you left, promise!

  Dilwann  |  27

I've worked in a fast food restaurant and agree. It's only when you order crazy amounts of food (like two or three full, big meals) that we might notice. Or like, five burgers or more. All other amounts are really common.

  Rabite  |  28

I mostly didn't care about who ordered how much food. I assumed that they either buy stuff for others, too, or take it home for later or whatever.
Most of the time I was wondering about people who ordered like 10 menus for their whole family, but only because it sometimes costed 100€ and most of the time you are not full for long with one menu.
I think leaving out the pickles annoys the staff more than people eating two burgers.

  sohigh10  |  34

Pickles are the only thing that give bland hamburgers a good taste

By  mssileas  |  25

I'm a 110 pound girl and even I could eat two double cheeseburgers. I really don't think that's something to be embarrassed about, and McDonald's workers in Texas have probably witnessed a lot of orders way more obscure than that. Be easy on yourself, I'm pretty sure non of them have thought twice about your order.

By  Vitani_Verci  |  24

It is your life OP!
They have an extreme amount of customers per day, and I am sure they have seen a single person order a lot more.
I doubt they thought anything of it :)

By  PotatoeNumberOne  |  8

Two double cheeseburgers are fine! Atleast it wasnt one of those weird orders, like the time a customer came through the drive through and asked for a 50 kg box of frozen 5 inch beef patties and 200 spicy sauce packets!