By Mikey832 - 09/08/2010 13:24 - United Kingdom

Today, my brother's girlfriend and my girlfriend went out shopping. My brother's girlfriend bought a pair of killer black heels and a box of condoms. My girlfriend bought a pair of orange Crocs and a vibrator. FML
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zelly05 0

quit whining OP. Maybe your girlfriend has better things to do than you


so? I don't see the big deal here... your gf prefers a vibrator? big whoop.

all the single ladies, all the single ladies! oh, op's a boy.....

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What? Guys have a place where vibrators can go, too. Hope she got some lube with that.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Buying heels and condoms makes someone a ****? Since when? Last time I checked, sleeping around with lack of said condoms made someone a ****.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

21 I would have to agree with you and maybe it's your fault op for sucking at sex? plus heels suck they give you bunions and are so uncomfy, then again crocs had a recall cuz of lead of something in them

eggjuggler 0

No seriously... and? Who the hell cares? "Oh no! My gf went shopping and didn't buy sexy shoes to please me!" Get. Over. Yourself. Also, you'd have to be pretty inexperienced or unimaginative to think that vibrators are meant to always be used solo. Get in there and play with the damn toy, OP!

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

how is the bro's gf a ****? maybe they make sexy time later? and she got condoms. that's a good thing.

its funny because your brother will laid and you won't

vibrator? has anyone here tried one? I've never used one... I don't think I will either...

YDI for having a brother YDI for not pleasing your girlfriend YDI for not liking crocs

legonut4 - i bet that vibrator made her nice and moist

Brittney_E 0

eww crocs. that was tge first sign D:

iLuvCupcakesxoxo 0

yeah chocdrop right, she sounds whoreish. and uh maybe ur not getting the job done a-hole. FYGL=Fu*k your gf life. oh and also crocks r gross but uh they don't give you nasty calf legs in the end

iLuvCupcakesxoxo 0

wait I take back what I said...the bro gf not whoreish...the only problem is u in this FML.hahaha so yep

bro don't worry about it. you're a British guy. maybe she doesn't want your crappy ass teeth going down on her.

eggjuggler 0

I like how you guys think the brother's gf is a ***** for buying heels and condoms, but the OP's gf isn't a good gf because she didn't buy heels and condoms. Anything to pass judgement on people, eh?

well... I don't think the hint could if been any clearer

oboewhore_xD 6

You're so full of yourself. Is your girlfriend's only purpose in life to fufill your desires? No. She wanted something for herself, get over it.

that doesnt make her a **** it makes her have an imaqination to what her man miqht likee

snipersdelight 0

#11 the thing is she shouldent need the vibrator when she's got her bf

......crocs? I never understood why any self-respecting human would do that to themselves. Ask your brother to share. :P

JohnnyHobo 0

crocs are the most disgusting shoes ever made. But crocs aside, she really wouldn't need a vibrator if she had a boyfriend that knew what he was doing...

That_Guy_Jake_JR 0

Agree with #1, who cares? You can't satisfy your girlfriend, big deal. That's why God made me. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING. Fyl XD

livelaughlove22 0

hah you obviously aren't good in bed.

pureecstasy 5

why is that? because she has sex. what form of idiocy did you just spout? someone can have sex and not be a **** for example my girlfriend.

pwincessa23 1

not knowing how to write makes u look retarted so why r u talking???? idiot!

ChelseaXD 0

bahahahahahaha! this made me lol.

pengiesully 0

what is ur gf 12? no girls older then 14 rele wear crocks

#146 What are you, 12? No one older than 14 really spells as incoherently as you.

fyl for being a grammar Nazi. I feel bad for your spawn.

yasmeenjonasx3 0

dump the bitch. she bought crocs, for gods sake!

gross crocs. I roll with Details garden clogs that's were shit is at. ( only at home tho, or else your outa luck. PAL) bitchez don't know bout my 401k

kelzen 0

YDI for not using the vibrator on her for her YDI for having a gf who doesn't want to have intercourse with you.

iLuvCupcakesxoxo 0

Hun u have a pic of the jonas bro and his ugly wife..get over ur self...BET SHE'S KNOCKED UP

dickster 0

pwincessa, you have no room to speak. You yourself cannot type correctly, so do not insult others in that category. OP so? It's not the end of the world. At least she is trying to be chaste. Also, OP's brothers' girlfriend does show slutty nature. All that's missing are fish nets. But at least you will get STDs later than your brother.

@178, how is a girl wearing heels slutty? How is having sex with your boyfriend slutty? She clearly bought them from different shops, how does that mean she will wear them WHILE having sex? Your statement is so full of fail, it hurts.

MrM420 0

lmao 180. still she could wear the heels during sex. kinky

OC, the entire reason (apart from looking putrid) that people hate crocs is that they're the most obnoxious inanimate objects a human can own. Their colour and shape and entire being shoves itself into everyone's face. They're like CAPS LOCK in shoe form.

I believe people on the internet just like to type out the word "*****". Really...who are we to judge who're ******?

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skyttlz 32

Crocs are so ugly! When I was younger I got pink ones lol I only wore them around the house. Oh and their not even comfy!!

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loveanthony645 5

The brother's girlfriend is in no way a ***** or ****. What she bought was for her boyfriend and hopefully only him. I see nothing wrong with that.

ksquizzle 0

wow haha tht is sad.. THREESOME (while ur gf is home doing herself

_princess61522_ 0

ewww but then he would be having sex with his brother, that's disguisting! :P

It's okay when it's in a one-two-threeway

Save_Bandit 5

how do you know what they bought? did they show you?

you must wish that crock was your ****.

RainbowxxVeinsx 17

Why so she can be stepping on it all day like she does her shoes? You fail at this joke, sir.

imababeee 0

lol 14 how does that work ?

Team_Los 0

Fail lmao the joke should've been you wish she'd sell that vibrator so everyone can stop calling you a masterbater

pimpstatus 0

lol dam replaced by a vibrator.. either get yourself a new gf or a inflateable doll

An inflatable girlfriend? That's kinda creepy

maybe she was just doing some shopping for you