By waterpistolriot - 23/10/2020 11:02 - Austria

Keeping up appearances

Today, I ordered food for delivery. I actually made it sound as if there were other people at home so I had an excuse for ordering so much. I don't think they bought it. FML
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By  sarkycow  |  25

I've done this! haha was when I first moved to the States and pretty much the only food that delivered in my area (I didn't have a vehicle at the time) was pizza. I'm not a big pizza person so I'd order pizza and some of the other things on the menu to try them, figuring I'd have leftovers for a couple more days. Then I'd worry that they'd think I'm a fat bastard (well, I am) so when there was a knock on the door I'd shout "no it's okay ....I'll get it!!" 😄😂

Now ...I really couldn't care less!

By  Bubbilility  |  27

The only one judging you here is you. Everyone has had a binge moment, people who work with food legit don't care, and they don't know you're not ordering early, or in another room. I guarantee you doing this made them remember you more than if you had just ordered and handled it normally.

People always think they're more memorable than they are.