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  Laeffy  |  19

How has no one talked about the fact that someone working fast food didn't know what a cheeseburger was? I'm so confused with everyone blaming the guy who ordered the burger.

By  Danne696  |  14

I mean, if they're uncertain of what you meant they probably thought it safer to just give you exactly what you asked for even if it seemed stupid to them. Because it could be the exact same situation if you got it in a bun and then got all worked up going "I TOLD you, only meat and cheese! Can't you people understand basic English?".

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Exactly this. The amount of times someone probably requests something really weird, so they do what makes more sense, and then get in trouble for it, is probably staggering. They figure at this point it's better to do exactly what was requested even if it's weird. People are weird and often like to eat really weird things. Can't imagine the stuff they must hear.

By  Joshawott  |  21

I've previously worked at a fast food restaurant and it actually wasn't uncommon for customers for ask for burgers without the bun. Also, if they put it into the till as you said it, that would result in a burger that is just meat and cheese.

By  species4872  |  19

In future order by telling them what you don't want on it. eg. cheese burger no pickle, no onion, no ketchup.

  rickAUS  |  22

Almost every fast food place I know has a 'plain' preset which is effectively just bun+meat+cheese (if applicable to said burger), no other condiments unless specified.

So if you take your typical cheese burger (bun, meat, cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle)
You could order: cheeseburger, plain w/ bbq sauce and mayo
resulting: bun, meat, cheese, bbq sauce & mayo

The bun is always implied unless you specifically remove it from the order,

By  Misoranomegami  |  16

You asked for just meat and cheese. You got just meat and cheese. How is the cashier supposed to know the diffrence between you and a low carber/celiac who asks for meat and cheese and wants just that with no bun? Next time if you want meat, cheese and bread ask for meat, cheese and bread.

  sophiehelen  |  32

a customer with dietary requirements should specify if they want something different as the cashier isn't psychic. you shouldn't have to specify basic inclusions like a bun