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Today, I went to the coffee shop for my usual morning latte before class. When I got my drink, I asked again to make sure it was soy. The barista assured me it was. It wasn't. I'm ridiculously lactose intolerant and just spent six hours throwing up because she was too lazy to correct her mistake. FML
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I hope you went back, talked to her boss, and got her fired. Firing her is the least the boss can do considering the lawsuit you could have for what happened.


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agreed I'm usually one to yell at people for being sue happy, but this actually deserves a lawsuit. EDIT: HAY!

Go back and tell them what happened. If they don't take any action, THEN you sue. I don't think the barista was too lazy to correct her mistake. There could've been some accidental cross contamination, someone else could've poured the milk, not knowing it was supposed to be soy, or whatever. If you're as lactose intolerant as you say you are, even a little bit of cross contamination could've set you off.

next time, have someone video-tape it, and then sue their ass :)

Right, nothing like being watched like a caged animal in a zoo to make me feel good about life.

If the barista doesn't want to be watched she can do her job and prepare the coffee correctly as the customer orders it.

Yeah, sue those mother-truckers!!! Or ask them to settle with you in lots of $$$ out-of-court in exchange of you NOT reporting this to a major news source!

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Its obvious how many of you are widdle high schoolers who have never held a job in your lives. Someone else could have made it and forgot the soy. The OP might not have said it loud enough. Its not just because the barista is a "OMG FUKKIN LAZ BISH SUE!!!1111" If your allergies are so severe that even a little cross contamination could kill you, then DON'T GO OUT TO EAT. Sorry but a whole restaurant cant be shut down and ultra sanitized during the busiest hour JUST because of your nut allergy.

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yeah, because the OP is the only person in the world with lactose intolerance? it makes total sense saying that she has a "nut allergy". if ur in a place that serves food, it's the people who work there who have responsibility to keep it sanitary, because a lot of people have severe food allergies that can lead to death. so yeah, they probably could sue them for "one nut allergy". anyway, it's much less bizzare than the person who spilled McDonald's coffee on themselves and then sued

83 I'm glad to know someone else says mother truckers. I don't know who you are, but stay awesome

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#115- actually the elderly lady was severely burnt like grossly burnt. there's a documentary about it and you can Google it.

I hope you went back to Starbucks and puked on her.

She didn't say she went to Starbucks. It's not the only coffee shop in America. Or in the world. :]

I think Starbucks is the only place pretentious enough to call their coffee chimps "baristas."

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No it's not. Every coffee shop I've been to called the brewers baristas.

plexico, i work in costa in Scotland, im a barista. do u think im pretentious?

Starbucks is far from the only cofee shop that calls their people baristas. My college's coffee shop people are referred to as baristas.

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A caffeine allergy and lactose intolerance are also two completely different things. There exists a myriad of heart conditions for which caffeine, rather the lack there of, can be absolutely detrimental.

No, imahappeemmocow, I think you are delightful! I wasn't saying the employees were pretentious for letting themselves be called "baristas," I was saying that the company was pretentious. I'm surprised that you didn't take issue with me calling you a "coffee chimp." ;) And StarGirl11, just because "barista" is now widely used doesn't mean that others just didn't follow the trend started by Starbucks.

if you were a barista you should know how easy it is to make a mistake. both the customer and the barista. for all we know she could of picked up the wrong drink. for example when there are multiple orders on the hand off plane the barista could've called out a soy latte but the customer couldve picked up another drink instead.

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Nothing you mentioned disproved the FML. 1. The barista could be new, or may never have served the OP before. And I highly doubt the baristas give a damn about the customers unless they get tip. 2. It's her opinion, there was no need to even throw that in there - her money, her taste, her decision. 3. People react differently to different things. Just because you don't throw up doesn't mean you set the standard for everyone who is lactose intolerant.

You shouldn't throw up from Lactose Intolerance because the lactase enzyme is in your small intestine, hence the bloating, gas and diarrhea symptoms

For years I have been thinking I am lactose intolerant. I avoided dairy because it make me vomit in larger amounts and smaller amounts make me punish my toilet and have bad cramps. Vomiting apparently is not a symptom of lactose intolerance, so I have always wondered if I was actually lactose intolerant as my doctors have told me. Another thing that made me wonder, I'm also quite bothered by butter, which has very little lactose. Those lactase pills never helped me out either. Recently, my cousin has problems with dairy also, but her doctor told her she might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (what an unsexy syndrome name) and to try some IBS product you can buy at a store. She's been on it for six weeks and can eat cheese again. The poster should give one of those IBS products a shot and it might clear up her issues with dairy. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to try one. F*** this not being able to eat delicious dairy products.

so what exactly makes starbucks pretentious?

I'm so glad that somebody else here actually knows what they're talking about! I'm lactose intolerant too, but just figured out that was what was ailing me about a year ago. To all the idiots who are saying that she should sue because of her "allergy", you clearly don't understand that lactose intolerance is not an allergy, it's just the body's inability to digest lactose. Also, digestion of lactose takes place in the small intestine and it takes a while for anything you eat to get there. Now the OP didn't say how long it took before she got sick, but it's highly unlikely that it was right away. It also seems fishy that she said she "threw up for 6 hours". One, vomiting is not a symptom of lactose intolerance, because all of the food is already in your small intestine, not your stomach any more and two, there's no way that you would throw up for six hours even if that happened to be your symptom. I think either the OP is lying or has a different dairy related issue but is confusing it with lactose intolerance.

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The barista WAS lazy. She couldn't even be bothered to check whether or not it was soy to save someone from getting sick.

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ummm since the barista MADE the damn drink, she should know.

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#157, there's no point in arguing with this idiot. He jumps at every chance he can get to overreact and bitch someone out because he's just an arrogant prick. And yes, the ******* barista MADE THE DRINK. She just felt like being a lazy bitch and decided to save herself 3 seconds of effort instead of DOING HER JOB and sparing someone a day of nausea and vomiting. There's absolutely no reason you should be defending the barista, and it's even more ridiculous that you don't know how the damn barista was supposed to tell.

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Okay I didn't mean to start any arguments, so don't count me in on this one. Organisedchaos, I can see your point. But it never said that the OP drank the entire drink - she might have just had a sip and started puking. I know that'd be ridiculous taking a sip and throwing up for six hours, but it happens. I'm allergic to coconuts and I can't even touch a shaving without breaking out in hives. Yes, I know lactose intolerance isn't an allergy, but still. Anyway, yes, soy milk smells and tastes completely different from whole milk. I don't know if the other ingredients in the latte would cover it up, but they're nothing alike.

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You should be so lucky, oh brainless one. God forbid I read an FML and your hate-filled comments stick out again. And unless you're lactose intolerant, than stop arguing that one sip can't do anything. **** you, you're clueless. And "high intensity"? Really? Damn, she pours coffee for a living, I bet she's about to drop dead from a stress-induced heart attack any second. I'm sorry puberty is driving your hormones crazy, but it's time to pull up your piss-soaked pants and grow up, idiot.

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"it takes more than a sip to trigger that kind of reaction with lactose intolerance. youd need to drink a fair bit" Try again, fucktard. Glad to know you at least admit you're an immature little prick. And by the way, yes, I am a nurse. Because I, unlike you, have a brain and I, unlike you, can get into medical school. So take your snivelling bullshit and shove it up your ass, idiot.

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You're boring me by using the same arguments and insults over and over again, so I'm out. Funnily enough, you've spilled your guts about your physical appearance and your problems with it, and I've taken the high road and not said anything about it. I doubt you'd do the same. Seriously, consider playing in traffic, though. It's obvious you don't contribute anything worthwhile to the world, and this place certainly doesn't need any more assholes. People like you are the reason this place is becoming a hostile shithole. I'm sure you'll come back here with your list of sad insults and your flaring testosterone, but honestly, I can't be bothered to read the bullshit you spew anymore. Your empty insults don't phase me, as they are neither accurate nor clever. I'm replying only because you obviously think you're something special, and I know you aren't. Continue hating all you want, I'm sick of being blinded by your wall of letters, so I'm done. Have the last word, it's all yours. It just makes you even more pitiful. Later.

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HOLY ******* SHIT. You are both pathetic as hell. You're arguing over the INTERNET. How ******* petty. This is the saddest conversation I've ever had the misfortune to read. GET A LIFE, both of you. Really. Neither of you are intelligent, you both have extremely shitty grammar (and before either of you jump down my throat, I know my grammar sucks too - but at least I'm not being a pretentious know-it-all like you two), and you both need to shut the **** up - seriously. **** the internet for it's anonymity. Guaranteed if this were reality, you wouldn't be releasing your spores of deplorable ignorance in the air. Get over yourselves, you're both idiots. Shut the **** up. And don't even bother replying to me, I don't care about either of your feeble insults. From what I've read in this miserable little back-and-forth you've got going here, the only thing I'd be upset about is wasting my time reading your worthless replies - and I don't think I'd even do that. Organisedchaos: "Waaah, a sip won't have that effect." Mushrooms: "Boohoo, you don't know anything." Organisedchaos: -sucks thumb- "You must be a doctor, you big doo-doo face!" Mushrooms: "I'm a nurse, cootie-brain!" Organisedchaos: "I said doctor, dumby!" Mushrooms: -blows snot bubble- "You're a butthead!" OP, FYL. The barista was careless and lazy. She should have double-checked regardless of anything, just to make sure. She was being really unprofessional and hopefully you reported her to her boss or something. Also, FYL for having your FML crowded with ignorance and stupidity.

To be fair, he never said you did. And it was an accurate rendition to say the least.

going to the boss would not get her fired. accidents happen. i used to work at starbucks and the smell of soy is very different than the smell of dairy. if you would've at least given the coffee a smell before drinking it you would've definitely caught the problem. baristas cannot be perfect all the time. also, suing the company would be difficult considering you need quite a bit of proof, especially if it is a large corporation.

Let's all smell milk that we were assured was soy, out of lack of human trust.

well if you are that badly lactose intolerant then smelling it would be better than "puking for 6 hours"

i drink a vanilla soy latte every day, and all i smell is vanilla. anyways, who goes around sniffing milk?

im not saying sniff the milk. the aroma is different. and a vanilla dairy latte smells different than a vanilla soy latte. if you havent smelt regular dairy in comparison then you have no reference point.

The smell of the coffee would be stronger than the soy milk smell. This FML made me mad because my dad is lactose intolerant and I would be pissed if this happened to him. OP, in the future if you want to avoid this you can tell them not to add milk & bring your own soy milk to mix in.

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When someone orders a soy beverage, I always give it a smell before I mix it in with the espresso/flavoring stuff (like vanilla). Soy milk smells completely different and this way I don't make the mistake of handing someone a dairy product and making them spend a day in the oval office.

I hope you went back, talked to her boss, and got her fired. Firing her is the least the boss can do considering the lawsuit you could have for what happened.

Please don't have any kids. We need to breed these damn food allergies out of the species. Do your part.

Food allergies are not a result of genetics. You can't BREED OUT allergies. Nobody in my family has a nut allergy, but I end up anaphylactic to tree nuts. Likewise, my parents are both allergic to penicillin and codine, but I'm not bothered by either.

That's not how allergies work. They're usually something your immune system wasn't exposed to early enough, while it was still developing. Therefore, your body recognizes it as foreign.

Incidentally, lactose intolerance is not an allergy. It's the inability to process the lactose, in a way unrelated to the functioning of the immune system.

Fiesty pixie, That's interesting. So what kind of nuts can you handle?

heh, plexico i was thinkin the same thing!

That's not always how allergies work either. I have a friend who was exposed to penicillin at a very young age (ie. she had an infection within days of being born that they tried to treat with penicillin) and she turned out to be allergic. My sister was also allergic to eggs when she was little but she ended up growing out of that (ie. it wasn't like she'd never had eggs but then tried them at age 9 or something). Similarly my other sister was allergic to a particular sunscreen when she was little (3 or 4 years old) but she also grew out of that. Many kids are born with allergies, that's why you can get a test done on newborn babies to see what they're allergic to. Sometimes they'll grow out of it though. I also think some allergies ARE genetic. I know a family where the father and 3 of the kids are all allergic to a certain food colouring (they have to check the ingredients on all yellow products to check it doesn't have this particular yellow food colouring). That is hardly a common allergy - I have NEVER met anyone else allergic to this particular thing, yet 4 people in the same family? That screams "genetic" to me. Also, intolerances are different to allergies anyway, so I'm sure the genetics/biology of it works differently.

Yes, the food dye allergy could have something to do with genetics, but that may be an exception. Sometimes allergies can also result if a baby is exposed to something too early in life, or not exposed until too late. Doctors say to avoid giving babies things like nuts, peanuts, strawberries, and other common food allergens before they're 2 years old, since that's when allergies are most likely to develop (even though some allergies appear much later on in life for reasons I don't know). On the other hand, parents who take that precaution too far and constantly sanitize every area of their homes and don't let their child get dirty (kids are kids, they should be allowed to get dirty once in a while), increases the chance of their child acquiring new/more severe environmental allergies, lowering the child's immune system, and having the child become more frequently sick. P.S. Oh Plexi, you're silly. I'm sure you can answer your question without my help. ;)

But I like it when you help me. I hope you had a great day yesterday. I guess I'll let today be OK, if you want. ;)

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lactose tolerance is a recent adaptation in the western hemisphere. most people in the world are lactose intolerant. you stupid ass.

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While a genetic predisposition or other association with some allergies is not impossible, in general they are caused by immune system hypersensitivity to whatever the compound is, ultimately leading to histidine and cytokines being released triggering an inflammatory response and symptoms. Also, lactose intolerance isn't an allergy in the sense described above, it is a reduction/ absence (depending on severity) of the enzyme required to break the cow-milk sugar dimer Lactose into it's two component sugar molecules, which if memory serves, are Glucose and Galactose. FYL, OP.

If you are that intolerant, make your own soy drink. Seriously.

When somebody goes to a coffee shop and orders a soy drink, and pays for a soy drink, they usually expect a soy drink. The OP should not have to suffer for the barista's stupidity.

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Totally agree...people should be able to get what they ask for. It's called a service industry for a reason!

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okay, not fair to come down on the OP because of a medical condition, not her fault.

would it really be that difficult to read the little "S" letter in the box marked "milk" on the side of the cup and actually get it right? it sucks being lactose intolerant, lighten up.

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That's why you add "because I'm lactose intolerant," otherwise they think you're prissy. YDI and FYL.

Not always. I can't have tomatoes. I'm allergic. I'll tell people at fast food places to not give me tomatoes and they do it anyways. I'll tell them I'm allergic and they'll still put the ******* tomatoes in! Even when there's an allergy in play, people just don't give a shit.

Why should it matter if she was being "prissy" or not ? She's paying, she should get what she ordered. As long as she's being polite and not calling her server, say for example, "a ******* idiot," for getting the order wrong, what difference does it make WHY she wants it a certain way ? Incidentally, because the server lied, she IS a ******* idiot.

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It matters because the barista is more likely to go back and fix her mistake if it's likely to make that person sick rather than just give them a few extra calories. It SHOULDN'T matter, but that's not usually how people work.

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It's always annoying when someone wants something special done due to their own choices. If it's a food allergy it's one thing but if I have to go out of my way because you're a little girl who "LIKE OMG I totally like cannot drink milk because it has wayyyy too many calories" you can just go **** yourself. On top of that, I have little respect for this case because you get a latte every morning. If you want caffeine, don't be a little baby and not be able to drink just a plain cup of black coffee. Otherwise, just pop a caffeine pill in the morning. Seriously...

that sucks! go back and tell her manager or something. you specified your order. that was wrong for her to do.

Soy milk is just soy juice because there is no soy tit.