Leave me alone !

By failfailfail - 30/09/2009 13:36 - United Kingdom

Today, I had a big exam. Twenty minutes in I could feel people turning round looking at me. I ignored them at first, but towards the one hour mark it got more distracting. I stood up and yelled, "Why's everyone staring at me!" I got kicked out. Turns out I was seated directly in front of the clock. FML
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Hellsno 0

drama queen

That's ridiculous. As if you'd do that during an exam, what a drama queen.



#1 You are a total idiot. I mean really, who care if they're staring at you? #2 In your (semi) defense I find it really pointless to look at the clock during an exam. All you are doing is wasting time you could be using to take the test.

Well its important to keep an eye on the time so you aren't spending too much time on the one question.

epicfailburger 0

OWNED by a clock!

Pretty stupid that the colock is at the back of the room... should put it at the front...

xMeganMayhem 6

If they weren't staring before, they're definitely staring now...

Hellsno 0

drama queen

OnerousMemories 0

thats just messed up man,making a mistake doesn't automatically make you a danger to the community

lol 78 you make me laugh! expelled? are you serious? XDXDXD ppl get expelled for possesion or carrying weapons and stuff like that! not fir being stupid! but OP, Y still DI for being dumb and conceited.

Yeah, who really cares if people are staring at you?

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Atamix 0

i almost did the same thing. then i realized there was a poster behind me

I almost did the same thing but I'm not a ******* idiot.

Paranoia will destroy ya!

RR05 0

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stats prove one out of one do

Yeah! Go #7! Fuck all those people with their idiosyncrasies! BURN THE PARANOID!!!

That's ridiculous. As if you'd do that during an exam, what a drama queen.

hmm common sense you don't yell in an exam duh YDI

season4reason 0

wow, bad luck there but you need to come to terms with your paranoia there....focus on the exam and answering the questions instead of what others are doing around you, even if it is them staring at you