By Skimilk - 18/02/2010 02:47 - Australia

Today, I went in to my local cafe for my morning coffee. I was chatting to the barista as she was making it, and I mentioned that I was starting a new diet. She goes, "Oh that's great! I've been sneaking skimmed milk in your coffee for years, I didn't want to say anything..." FML
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Ah, so you weren't the FIRST to notice that you're fat.

Caayouteepie 0

LOL i was drinking milk as I read your post #1 and when it sunk in, I LITERALLY spit my milk out from laughing so hard

sugarbabyxoxo 2

lol did #1 say first in the most creative way I've seen yet? or am I being stupid.

I really despise people that say first on these things but, in this case it was clever and pretty funny. Bravo to you.

Thanks people lol ;) @stinchbird: Thou shalt not steal the first commenter's thunder!

Hahaha, #1 is a genius. Also, at least you can say you've been dieting for years now, in a way. xD

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Bahahahahaha t'was brilliant my friend hahaha.

@stinchbird...I'm not sure if this is the case everywhere, but once at Subway they were out of light mayonnaise when I requested it, and the guy fixing my sandwich proceeded to use regular mayonnaise and told me "don't worry, it's regular mayonnaise in both bottles anyway, most Subways do it"...

dayuuuum yu betta get on tht xcercisen shyt asap!

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@1 genius my friend @15 it's those type of comments that made me download the FML app in the first place lol @ OP um lose weight. I understand the embarassment but it's kinda like if you were a smoker and one if your family members has been secretly throwing away one or two of your cigs everytime you buy a pack. you cant really be mad when the action is done solely for your benefit

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so it's an fml because someone else cared about your life?

#60, out of everything that is said on this website, this isn't fake

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Definitely not fake. I work at a cafe and we alter drinks all the time without letting the customer know. If you're fat we give you skim, if you're pregnant we give you decaf, if you're a snobby bitch expect whole milk.

Not to take the bait or anything, Snickerdoodles, but it's a coffee shop, not a lawyers office. Ethics are just a nicety in these cases, not a necessity.

britneylover 3

hey moron. You do know that some people, like my mother, are extremely allergic to the sweeteners they put in diet sodas? and even though she is over weight, she actually cannot order diet? **** you and here's a tip, shove that hot pot of coffee up your ass.

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tell your mom its called water, britneylover maybe she can try that instead of sugary, calorie loaded, non diet soda.

Maddoctor 10

Wow #82, I hope if any of your customers find this information out your ass (and any other employees who change your customers' orders) gets fired. It's not up to you to decide what goes into people's drinks. Really the farthest you should go is suggesting they have skim/decaf/whole/etc., not just giving them whatever you see fit.

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Hey britneylover, did I say I put artificial sweetener in it? Nope. Nothing I do is going to cause an allergic reaction because I don't add anything they can't have. Read a comment first before you start to bitch. And anyway, you think I'm the only one? Every person I know who has worked at a coffee shop does it. Oh well. Don't let other people make your drinks.

People like brokenship make the world a better place. Less fat people dying young and deformed babies. I thank you. britneylover and Maddoctor get over it, skim> whole never killed anyone.

Maddoctor 10

Taco, if you were at a restaurant and your food came the way you didn't want it, you'd complain, no? I don't see why it should be different with drinks, especially if it's happening on a daily basis.

brokenship=win! agree with taco, people like brokenship do make a better world. fat people deserve the help :) so dopregnant ladies like my sister. even though she only goes to strbucks once a month(:

sezual 15

I've been a barista for the past five years and the closest I've been to that is when we run out of full cream milk and have to use skim. Even then I TELL the customer. You say it can't harm them but personally I'm slightly allergic to milk fat. Give me full cream and I'm sick but my body can handle skim. And some customers could be allergic to the preservatives in skim or whatever is I'm decaffeinated coffee to replace the caffeine. You never know what a persons allergy could be. Oh and as far as decaf for pregnant women, if you read up on it then you'd realise pregnant women are able to have around 250g of caffeine per day which is equal to one cup of coffee. So in reality you aren't really doing them any favours.

brokenship, its not your job to decide what is best for someone. It's your job to make the drink they ordered; and inform them if anything is different. When I worked at a coffee shop, that's what we were supposed to do, and would get a nice write up if we didn't. You don't have any right deciding that a pregnant woman gets decaf or a heavy person gets skim. you aren't a doctor, you don't know anything about their health...

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yep, this isn't an FML at all! ha. just a tad humiliating..

Agreed. She's looking out for you OP. You should be grateful.

And then you say, "And just as equally, I've been giving you less of a tip than you deserve."

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give her a donkey punch as a thank you

Great, say thank you and move on with your day.

She probably didn't start doing it until you became a regular customer, then decided to try it once to see if you'd notice the difference. Since you apparently never did, where's the harm?

Skim milk has extra carbs. Someone with diabetes, or on a low carb diet could be negatively effected. There's the harm.

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ahahaha this fml made me actually LOL