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  happyhak  |  5

OP, stop being a bitch. He told you that you were beautiful and he didn't care what anyone else thought. Or, would you have prefered him to say "I'll only think you're beautiful until someone else says otherwise!"? Geez, he said he didn't care what anyone else thought, that doesn't mean that other people think you're ugly. About 1/10 boys will say the statement your boyfriend just said and that statement is a thoughtful one. So be grateful and stop acting like a bitch.

  givants  |  0

I use to joke around with the new hires at my store telling them "I think you're pretty cool, I don't care what anyone else says" so maybe he was kidding like that, and being a "New" boyfriend, he doesn't know what kind of sense of humor you have

  jizzmode  |  0

Uggh. Physical attraction is so primitive. So OP's life is effed because not everyone thinks she's beautiful? What about humor, brains, good personality? Having one person who thinks the world of you attraction-wise is more than enough. Don't be an attention-seeker. That's how prostitutes/celebrities get spawned.

  arixbaby  |  0

you know OP, I tell my boyfriend I don't care what anyone says, I think he's the best looking guy I've ever seen - and I mean it. and he loves it when I say that because only my opinion counts. and you should be happy he feels that way so this is not an FML.


Okay, dude, seriously, people like you should just shut up and stop complaining. That was a COMPLIMENT not an INSULT, you retard. God, he's just saying that regardless of what other people would ever say or think about you, his opinion is that you're beautiful.

People either don't understand the meaning of FUCK MY LIFE or just seriously enjoy to complain for no reason.

  Krazykuno  |  0

OP, he was trying to make you feel special. He may have said "I don't care what other people say," but that doesn't mean that there IS someone out there calling you ugly. He's saying that you're beautiful and nothing can sway him to think otherwise.

  Bathory_fml  |  0

It can't be an FML. She hoped she would tell him how beautiful she was. He did. She's just insecure enough to misconstrue the rest of the sentence and post it to the internet for attention.

  lovemysnubber  |  0

I agree with 37 not every person on the planet needs to think your pretty. he does besides if his buddies think you're ugly you can bet he gets a hard time for it. but he's still with you so that's like a double compliment. stop whining

  cowycal  |  4

Honestly, this cannot be an FML. He just called her beautiful after making out with her. How is that bad even if he mentioned the possibility that people think she's ugly?

  nature_girl_08  |  14

i agree with you on this one. OP, your boyfriend thinks you're beautiful. what more do you want? when i say stuff to my boyfriend about what other people may think about me, he says, "it doesnt matter what they think, only my opinion matters." and he's right. you need to stop being such a jerk and realize that he gave you a flipping compliment.