By Thewatcher - Mauritius
Today, I tried to download some network-monitoring software for the office as I suspect that one of my staff has been constantly downloading torrents. It wouldn't download because someone was using all the bandwidth. FML
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  granCanyon  |  12

The easiest solution: Just go to their office and tell your staff "I don't know which one of you is downloading large files but I want that person to stop doing this immediately. I'm trying to be nice and not make a big deal out of it but if it doesn't stop I will have to take the matter further. I want to remind you that you are not anonymous on the network. Have a nice day."

  smackaroonial  |  20

I watch Netflix at work. I go on eBay and Amazon at work. I could download almost anything I want at work. Some jobs allows Internet surfing when it's slow. Depends on the job.

  Foxfire15  |  15

That may be 30, but if you start disrupting your coworkers ability to work because of it (not saying you are, I work IT and understand) it becomes a problem.