By seussical65 - 14/04/2009 13:48 - United States

Today, during dress rehearsal before the show, I came in with crutches pretending I broke my leg as a joke. I then threw away the crutches, laughed and then fell down some stairs. I am now in crutches with a broken leg. I was the lead. FML
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Hope you didn't throw those crutches too far...

Life's ironic like that.


Hope you didn't throw those crutches too far...

Irony is great isn't it?

I wonder if it was the Scottish play...

that's what you get for being an ass, YDI

gods trying to tell u something mister thespian... haha remember god hates gay people :P im not religious or homophobic so dont get ur panties in a bunch its a joke

How was op being an ass?

Hey, it's my old account

Life's ironic like that.


I just read that play on English class. It was amazing :D

hahaha...that sucks.

a fake broken leg isn't a good joke.

It's a hilarious one :)

Moron, what would posses you to do that? YDI

it's theater...if someone had told you to break a leg this never would have happened!

Darling, You took the term "break a leg" to the extreme... LOL!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....YRDI(you really deserved it)