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By not-so-happy-feet - 14/06/2009 23:41 - Canada

Today, I was at my friend's birthday party, dancing barefoot because my feet hurt from my shoes' heels. Apparently, someone dropped a glass on the dancefloor and didn't warn anybody. I ended up having to drive myself to the emergency room because all my friends were "having too much fun to leave." FML
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Which leg did you hurt? I want to know: did you have problems braking or accelerating.

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ydi. don't waste money buying heels if you're just going to take them off after standing for 10 minutes.

Um... You brake and accelerate with the same foot. Unless it's a stick shift, but the OP is a woman and most of them don't know how to drive stick.

You're only supposed to use one foot for both so he either had trouble with both or none

131- OP could possibly drive a stick shift, just saying.

Stick has nothing to do with the need to accelerate and brake

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lol heels. And yeah, your friends totally suck.

u do realize u only use 1 foot to do both #1 also your own fault you decided to take off your shoes at a place full of drunk people

Part two of your comment is the smartest I've seen yet. YDI for taking your shoes off on a dancefloor with drunk people everywhere.

Yes, because broken glass instantly means everyone was hammered.

Time for some new friends. That shit is unacceptable.

fyl mostly for having shitty "friends"

#4 Drunk or not, there must have been someone SOBER who saw the glass and decided to not bother cleaning it up. This FML is indeed an FML because of lazy friends. Time for a new social circle! I think it will pay off.

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You have really really shitty "friends". FYL

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