By Anonymous - 03/01/2016 14:01 - United Kingdom - Leeds

Today, I had to listen to my brother whine yet again about being single and how unfair it is. This is a guy who owns an "I fuck on the first date" t-shirt and has more than once referred to women as "vaginas with a person attached". Last time I called him out for being such a dick, I got punched. FML
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Does he wear a fedora and have a neckbeard too?

You're brother needs to learn what manners are..


You're brother needs to learn what manners are..

It was a simple typo... No need to overreact it was my bad

Azurexorcist 11

No one overreacted

This is more of a problem with his views than just his manners...

OP needs to tell him. He is being arrogant and ignorant at the same time. Punching OP for telling him how to improve is childish. OP needs to straightforwardly tell him again and stop him from acting out again.

Sorry my bad... Again.. I was disappointed that I had made a mistake and I overreacted.. Autocorrect am I right?

Does he wear a fedora and have a neckbeard too?

"Nice guys finish last"

His shirt would say "I get friendzoned on the first date" if that were true.

Who would want to be friends with that?

Idiot_Penguini 7

The hell I love fedoras

And he wonders why he's single? What a douche. :/

Hopefully he smartens up later on lol.. #newyearnewme?

Yup, he deserves it. At least there's a bit of justice left in the world!

I hate guys like this and I'm a guy. Tell him if he can't respect a woman than he's never going to date anybody. Good luck OP, put him in his place!

So do I he needs to learn manners and respect. Women don't want to be treated as an object.

Heck, nobody wants nor deserves to be treated like an object - men and women alike are more than just a walking sex toy! Wish people like OP's brother would realize that.

Guess there's a reason you're single bud

Wow sounds super classy...

He sounds like a complete douchebag.

Let me guess, he also refused to go see the newest Star Wars and he refers to himself as a men's rights activist.

What does not wanting to see a movie have to do with anything?

Some twats got really angry because the new Star Wars dared to have a woman as one of, if not THE, main character.

I wonder what they think of the twats who refused to see the movie because a black man was the other main character?

MonstreBelle 28

A main character with a ******? And another main character whose body produces more melanin? Mercy stars, I must clutch my pearls! Society is going to hell in a handbasket! What atrocity is next? Gingers playing main characters?

#18: these two groups probably overlap a lot.

I'm scared of MRAs :/

Sounds like he can't get a girl because all of the dick he has is in his attitude.

75% of it has to be in his personality somewhere.

Your brother sounds like a right tosser. I hope you called the police on him when he punched you.

Fr0gs 15

You hope op called the policy on the brother. You arent any better than the average pos

I've called the police on my brother when he's assaulted me. Assault is illegal, am I supposed to let him physically harm me because we happen to share a last name? Nice logic.

What the **** are you?

A family member could almost kill you and people like 55 would freak out if you pressed charges. If family doesn't act like family- like assaulting or stealing- why the **** should you treat them different from anyone else.

cop calling bitch ******