By in pain and tardy - 11/03/2016 23:00 - United States - Easthampton

Today, I had a doctor's appointment. I arrived early so I could check in with the receptionists about this weird communication mixup that's caused me to miss my last two appointments. Despite what my appointment card said, I arrived to find the office closed. FML
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Maybe you could try going somewhere else? They sound really incompetent


Agreed. I had this happen where I'd show up to the doctors and they'd tell me that the doctor wasn't available and my appointment was cancelled. They'd say they called me multiple times. I had no voicemails or even any record of missed calls and I made sure they had the right phone number. This happened 3 times before my mom (I was still a teenager) lost it on them and we went elsewhere. Some places are just very unorganized or have a lot of employees that don't care about their job.

Maybe you could try going somewhere else? They sound really incompetent

Did you try making an earlier appointment for tooth-hurty?

That might be funny if OP was going to the dentist

No #12 even then I don't think it would be very funny

Maybe you're the first appointment and they hadn't opened yet?

I've had that before. The person who wrote my Dentist Appointment two years ago wrote it for during the whole office is on vacation for two weeks. So after getting a baby sitter and getting a ride out to the office from my brother in law, they were closed. I called their emergency line as they should have been open. They said there's no way they would have done it. Changed Dentists after showing up with my appointment card to show them when they returned. Time for you to look for a new place too!

That these events are part of an elaborate ongoing conspiracy between Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Healthcare and the International Medical Office Receptionist's Union to deny you access to a doctor because they need you to be slightly unhealthy so you can unwittingly further their nefarious plan of world domination is so clear that it is difficult to see.

I just regained consciousness as I passed out from trying to read that sentence in one breath.

Ok fruit loop, your tin foil hat is on way too tight.

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I'm 1000% sure that 8 is joking.

That I can only give one thumbs up to negate the onslaught is a pity.

Change your Dr but make sure you look him up and see what other people have to say this way you know what your getting into. Feel better!!!

That is unprofessional and unacceptable. If the clinic is part of a hospital or health system, speak with the manager or customer satisfaction. If it is a private clinic, the physician is responsible and accountable for the actions of his/her employees. If you can't get in touch with him/her, perhaps it is time for a review of the clinic on or some similar rating site.

I'd either send them a report about the receptionist or find a new Doctors Office to go to.