By hastobeajoke - 31/01/2012 18:45 - United States

Today, I submitted my 208th job application in less than a year, and went to my 83rd and 84th interviews, only to be told once again that I'm over-qualified for the first, and under-qualified for the second. FML
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Llamassss 21

Well, that's what happens when you apply to McDonalds and Harvard.


This planet sucks. How the flip is anyone supposed to work towards being qualified enough for a job if they don't get the opportunity to prove themselves in the first place??!!

Probably should get into another field where jobs are on the rise

Don't give up op. I had the same problem but eventually I found a really awesome job.

Wow. Sounds like a great system, OP. Good luck getting a job though, I'm sure someone will take you on board.

thebottomdog 0

I know how you feel man its just like grinding levels in mw3.. The job grind can be killer

208th job interview >_> challenge accepted. I give my best on your interview op if not accepted punch him in his testicles >_>

One was the personal assistant to a CEO and the other was working with international transcript evaluations.

tjv3 10

Well that sucks. I blame the politicians every last one of them. They all need to be voted out of office. Let's start with the Golfer in chief and work our way down. Vote for Paul in 2012 or hell vote for Anyone But Obama. Vote ABO in 2012

Machine operator, no real experience needed most of the time and you can make 15-20 an hour.

F your life OP. good luck finding the in-between.

If you're over-qualified you should probably still get the job.

Hm not necessarily. I was over qualified for a job, and didn't get it because they didn't believe I truly wanted to work there and thought I'd get bored and quit after a short while.

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If at first u don't succeed, try 84 more times lol

McDonalds is always an option! Or are you not qualified for that?

Llamassss 21

Well, that's what happens when you apply to McDonalds and Harvard.

I hate how you can be over-qualified for something. Not that it's ever happened to me, but it just seems like a stupid rule.

27, it happened to my dad, they have people with less experience wanting the job and therefore will take a lot less money than it would have been for my dad. They told him "the job would be too easy for you." It's all about them saving money, in my honest opinion.

That, plus it ensures job retention. An overqualified person may be looking for opportunities to advance, whereas someone with lower qualifications may be willing to settle in for the long haul.

Over-qualified. So you probably know more than the other applicants. Because turning you down makes complete sense <sarcasm for the last sentence

alliewillie 22

Being over-qualified has nothing to do with the other applicants.

They'd have to pay here more because of her qualifications

@ #7, they usually do that because they assume that you will leave them immediately for a better offer, and it costs money to train people, so they want you to stay a long time. It's unfortunate, though, since the job market really is terrible, so most people have no choice but to apply for jobs beneath their skill level.

Well now that's just unfortunate. Trust me OP I'm in the same boat. This job market sucks.

Same here, I've been looking for one for over a year now and applying with no callbacks... That said, I'm in high school and have been fired before... for need of a photo identification when I had no driver's permit (2 years ago), and they didn't tell me I have to call back every day I didn't show up. (Even though, okay, yes, that should have been common sense, but I'm an idiot.) -_-