By misty - 28/06/2011 16:14 - Canada

Today, after checking in and waiting for three hours to see the doctor, the receptionist said she forgot about me because she didn't see me. She asked me to come back tomorrow. I was sitting right in front of her. FML
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structuredchaoz 4

You kinda deserve it for not saying anything.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Somebody forgot to take off their Invisibility Cloak.


garrettsgirl 0

wow maybe she needs to see the eye doctor if she couldn't see you right in front of her.

ImmortalKratos 0

wouldnt it be ironic if she was a receptionist for an eye doctor?

Olovio 5

Maybe you can turn invisible but you don't realize it.....-

the receptionist should have just gotten bitch need for a new doctor.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

22- ... in a glass of lemonade?

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

WTF I didn't post that there...?

fthislyfe 22
akarina 0

nahh you should've walked past her and told your doctor to get a new receptionist.

yummycupkake 0

lol so you waited 3 hours and didn't say anything, now you see if that was me...

YouAdoreMe 0

you waited 3 hours without getting up and asking why the doctor was taking so long?

MrFlintstone 5

fake a medical emergency and get into the doctors office that way

poopman777 0

thank you! :) somebody agrees with me:)

83... that'll just get you an ambulance ride to the local ER.. PCP drs don't do emergencies.

a_nutritionist 10

the receptionist didnt wanna get in trouble im guessing. the doctor would have still seen the patient, unless all he cares about is his paycheck

Quite your bitching OP. Did you expect your free healthcare to be good??

2 seconds and gone. Or accidentally shot her with a blinding dart

DrDreTheChronic 0

youre about to losee your mind, youve been there for so long, your running out of time... YOU NEED A DOCTORRR

Itzmeh 0

Did she call, " Teemo mia" ?

Idonebeenhad 17
structuredchaoz 4

You kinda deserve it for not saying anything.

Exacty, after half an hour I would've said something, the receptionist was right in front of her after all

WallyTheWombat 0

Yea I would have said something. Even if I didn't say anything, I would have demanded some kind of compensation or some kind of disciplinary action for the receptionist for not doing her job and probably lurking Facebook. It drives me crazy when I see their cellphones out next to their paperwork.

a_nutritionist 10

it drives you crazy when people have their phones out? damn, you sound like a tool. does it make it harder to pretend theyre not human, or are you just afraid of technology...

lighten up people. Accidents, oversights and shit happen to everybody.

What kind of compensation do you want? Canadian healthcare is free. So you will take what your government gives you, and you will like it. And any more bitching from you, and the IRS will audit your taxes. There's your compensation.

WallyTheWombat 0

No, but it drives me crazy when they are at work especially as a receptionist. They are supposed to be doing their job and creating a professional work environment, not texting. So before you call me a tool, which by the way makes you sound like a tool, read more carefully. BTW, I have 2 computers that I built myself, a laptop, Every videogame console since the NES, a kickass surround sound system for my appartment (that's right I live on my own), and I'm posting this from an iPhone. I'm hardly afraid of technology. I AM HOWEVER angered by how rude people can be today.

Eeew you have an iPhone :p I agree though. We're not allowed mobile phones at work because some staff ignore waiting customers to take a phone call. You're there to work not chat to your mates.

141: so listing off every electronic device that you own somehow clears you from the "tool" list? hmm, makes me wonder. i better get to the store -- i owe you one! |the kid|

WallyTheWombat 0

That's hardly every electronic I own, I can also list my fridge, microwave, TV, and a lot more. He said I was afraid of technology and that's not just limited to electronics. My van is technology. It was simply a list to prove a point.

So you expect receptionists to just sit there and stare out into the waiting area when not answering the phone, hands in lap, waiting to respond in a milisecond if you require the tiniest thing? I'm definitely not saying the treatment the OP got was at all acceptable, but you come off like a giant douche about jobs you know nothing about. Do you think working as a gas station cashier is like Clerks, too? :/

Although you made a valid point you did make yourself look like a total tool.. 'OOO, look at me I built a PC and everything!!!' It's not hard to build a PC if you have a functioning brain.

there's 3 hours of your life your never gonna get back fyl

lakaiskate 12

it's Canadian healthcare, I broke my hand it took me 7 hours to just be seen. but that's in Calgary. I dont know how it is in Ontario.

everybodyluvsMEN 0

nah I'm in america and it took like 5 hours when i broke my foot. Its not just Canada.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Somebody forgot to take off their Invisibility Cloak.

That happens to me like ALL the time :(. Lol

I think OP should now whip out his wand, yell "petrificus totalus," and then just leave.

DKParth13 5

I'm about to avada kadavra yo ass if don't shutup!!

people forget when somethings in front them. natural

BigHoshJosh 0

I do it all the time with my homework!

HeartAndSoul2011 0

they're supposed to call your name and look for you, THEN if they don't find you they skip you

buster103 0

I know!! people are so dumb lol