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Today, I told my mom I was 3 months pregnant, expecting her to be happy. Instead, she screamed that I was no longer her daughter and she never wanted to see me again before throwing me out of her house, because I got pregnant out of wedlock. Nice math mom. I've been married for 5 months. FML
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#44 mom thought that the op got pregnant before marriage.. but if op is 3 months preggers and 5 months married than obviously she didn't get pregnant before marriage

@ Op sucks but if your mom is like that now you don't really need her in your child's life

  janise  |  2

@ Horney4her69: It's funny you're calling someone else an idiot when you obviously have little to no reading comprehension. The OP never said she was living with her mom. She most likely went to her mom's house for a visit to share her news of being pregnant and her mom got mad and told her to get out.

  MQ_was_here  |  0

#87: That is self-explainatory: "wed" lock? If you still don't get it then wedlock is the concept of being married. -_-

And OP, I think your mom has schizophrenia and alzheimer's all rolled into one. Either way, this has got to be the funniest FML in a while.

  killswitch307  |  0

she didn't say that she lived with her mom stupid ass, she said that she got thrown out of her house. Man I can't believe how many people can't form basic logic in their brains.

  lovindepp  |  0

well obviously her mom thought she got pregnant BEFORE the wedding but she is 3 months pregnant and has been married 5 months. 3 is less than 5 that's where the math comes in. OP: why are you living with your mom if you're married?

  cater2U  |  0

51 do you need a tampon or something because I can tell you're on your period. don't be such a butthole I asked a question and didn't deserve a bitch answer.

  XScarlet  |  4

Let's break it down here... her mom was upset because thought that her daughter became pregnant "out of wedlock"... meaning she wasn't married. She has been married for 5 months, she is 3 months pregnant... Which means she was married for 2 months before she got pregnant (that's derived from... oh!! MATH!).

  IAmRoot  |  0

sounds like you and your kids are better off without "grandma" around anyway. Make sure she never sees them, except when other family members show her pictures.

  spartan_girl  |  0

that was my first thought too, sun_kissed18. Especially if it wasn't really a planned baby, or if OP's mom didn't know they were trying to have a kid. My mom would probably be pretty shocked if I got pregnant right now, even though I'm married, because she knows we aren't financially ready for a kid yet.

OP-that really sucks, but congrats, and good luck with your pregnancy. Hopefully your mom will calm down and be happy for you soon!