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  sxe_beast  |  11

I was wondering the same thing. How do you wait until you're at work to notice something like this? I look at my self at least a 100 times before I even step out of the house (bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror, hallway mirror, laptop as its booting up, spoon, glass table, window, TV, cell phone, bathroom mirror again, etc, lol?). I also look at my self frequently in the rear view mirror driving to school and usually on my vehicle's window after I close the door. Then again I might just be obsessed with myself?! I just don't understand how you don't realize this sooner?!

  alipod  |  11

to 20

it could be fixed at home by grabbing some ass's hair to make an eyebrow that it looks like a real using a glue. i knew someone who escaped an island using the same hair ;)

  DesB  |  7

Or maybe she draws her eyebrows on... A lot of woman do my grandma had cancer and lost all her eyebrow hair an now that's what she does...

  IHeartJimi02  |  0

You're an idiot for not looking in the mirror. I'm not saying you should be spending hours in front of a mirror but you should definitely be making sure you look presentable for work.

  Taurusbaybe  |  8

Exactly! Did your kids shave it off while you were sleeping? And did you not see yourself in the mirror at all? Not even, let's say, while brushing your teeth in the morning?


I do hope you know there are certain stages of sleeping. Whether the kids lucked out in their timing of the prank while OP was in the later stages or just oblivious to the actions; I find it funny that it still happened.

  OCDC  |  9

The evil orange aliens from Uranus came down to OP's house in the middle of the night, shaved her eyebrow, took a dump in the bathtub, and went back up to wherever they came from. It's actually more common than you would think.

  coltsluvr123  |  2

except the dude lost a tooth, not an eyebrow... and this person had kids who probably did it to them... and theyre not in vegas... so technically they're not really similar at all...