By Kourou - 21/11/2008 12:53 - France

Today, I went to rent a DVD with my 85-year-old grandpa. I was walking around and then realized I was alone. I looked for him for quite a while until I finally found him open-mouthed in the porn section. FML
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that's so cute.

And you know this how? lol :)


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And you know this how? lol :)

4 seriously WTF! hahaha

And I love how your profile account says you were born in 1989...

that's so cute.

awwww your right old people looking at porn is so cute( sarcasm )

Aaaaaaahh lmaooooo that is too funny

lmao, "thats so cute" actually, true that :D

I loled because I could totally see my grandfather doing this.

haha, good ol' grandpa.

aw. probably wishing he was still hot n' ready

lawl grandpa needs to have the good old days back