By ugh - United States
Today, at the rescue group I volunteer at, we finally adopted out a dog that has been with us for a few years now. This was an amazing thing for us because we never thought he'd get adopted. As we were getting excited and hugging each other, the dog ran away. FML
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By  NGM_KID  |  0

You were hugging each other cause the dog got adopted.....? You didn't deserve it BUT pay attention to the dogs!! How was no one holding it by the leash?

  Aero_x  |  21

I agree. I can't let my dog out of my sight for a second if she isn't on her leash. She always has to harass a stranger or use their yard as a bathroom. And when you chase her, the excitement makes her run away even further!

By  Seegtease  |  0

Depending on the point of the transaction, it's either yours or the customer's fault, because somebody needs to be watching the dog. Many run away, and you working there should be aware of this, so YDI.

By  Amkii  |  0

Wow. I agree.... this is a huge FAIL. Hope you found the dog, and he's OK. If not... time for some explaining to the people who were going to adopt him! Hope someone got fired for this.

By  grazynaanka  |  0

The shelter I volunteer at they always tell you to watch the dog. Once the dog is back in it's crate or safely with the family adopted it, then it's ok hug one another. You partially dropped the ball. I can understand why it's so exciting for a dog you never would think would get adopted, to in fact get adopted.

I really hope you guys find the dog.