By sam - 15/12/2010 20:11 - United States

Today, I got a text just before class that my partner didn't finish their half of our 30 page research paper because "That class is stupid". FML
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Thats why you don't depend on anyone but yourself.

Get your revenge, OP. You know what's better than revenge? Nothing.


Thats why you don't depend on anyone but yourself.

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eactly, I wouldn't trust anyone with half of my research paper maybe an Asian but that's about it :)

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dam thats a true FYL. i hope you have a chill profesor

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Wow, I hope the professor understood, and killed your partner not you.

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"maybe an Asian but thats about it." Some people are so ignorant.

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that guy apparently doesn't want a good job with a good pay.

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Kay it's not like I'm making fun of them, I actually see it as a compliment :o

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omg, 69, seriously?! The insult is to anyone who is NOT Asian.

I think it's funny, how people go nuts about jokes like that, if someone went and said "I see the cracker, but were's the cheese?" to me I'd laugh about it People get too uptight these days... >.>

no its not, im asian and i agree with him. ur the one offending me with your stereotyping of stereotypes.

hahahaha stereotyping stereotypes.. well obviously you're not a smart Asian now are you? calm your shit. it's a stereotype. that's the point.

32-that gives me a great idea. wouldnt it be great if professors could actually murder you if you don't get your paper done. I think everyone would do great. I would immediately drop out of school though.

Turn in your part and show the text to your professor. Next time you have a joint project, don't wait until the last minute to tie things up.

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You would think you would have checked on their half being done before it was right before time to turn it in..

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Hopefully the teacher will see that you've done your bit and they haven't, and so they'll get in deep shit an you won't.

Actually probably not, since I'm sure they were supposed to work on it TOGETHER. If I were the teacher I would probably ask why op didn't know half the paper wasn't done until that day, then regardless of op's work, give him a D

Then it's probably a good thing you aren't a teacher... In my opinion.

I agree with 79. A group paper (or even with one partner) should be discussed and collaborated before being submitted for grading.

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uh, actually, 71 is right. this was a group project. if i had an important project like this, i would be doing it with my partner until it was completely finished, even if i had to sit there until they completed their half. as a professor, I would probably be a little more lenient on OP if I saw the text, but i would still not give them more than a C. you have to be responsible. that means holding up your end of the duties, as well as collaborating with your partner to make sure they hold up their end. if you only do yours and just rely on or expect your partner to do theirs, you're gonna be in deep water, especially if this was a business and not school.

Get your revenge, OP. You know what's better than revenge? Nothing.

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Ninjas are way better than revenge AND cookies combined....

A Spartan can kill a ninja 1 on 1 anytime anywhere so ninjas suck.

an athenian could kill a cookie in less time than a Spartan killing a ninja.

I could kill all of you in less lime than Chuck Norris could kill me.

i hope you decked him/her in the face, and then the teacher for making it a partner project

OP just copied another fml exactly. Fake! So you deserve it!

Please give the rules a quick read over and you'll see why. Also, if this is a repost, please provide a link, thanks!

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Hopefully your teacher will be understanding and give you the grade you deserve while failing them.

YDI for relying on another person for anything at all ever, for taking a class that's stupid, and for even being a student at all!

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We see how far you'll be getting in life..