By Anonymous - 27/07/2015 16:32 - United States - Birmingham

Today, I waited 45 minutes at the Apple Store for my grandpa to very loudly ask why PornHub wasn't loading on his computer. FML
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Murilirum 23

"Oh you're doing it wrong, you need to run it in incognit- I err, check your internet connection sir."

The monkey can stay alive for decades. It requires regular beating as long as it does.. So it's ok.

Why wait so long before asking? I pray that was not his only reason for visiting the Apple Store!

Because Apple always has crazy wait lines. I had to wait about an hour last time I needed tech support from them, too.

They have crazy wait lines if you don't set up an appointment.

Were you having trouble with PornHub too, vegan?

That was exactly what my problem was! How did you know?

I feel your pain OP. mine keeps coming to me and asking why his won't load and if I'll help him fix it. fyl OP!

1dvs_bstd 41

why? Embarrasing, sure.. but traumatizing? Just curious, is **** for young people only?

psychopolarbear 28

This should be a skit in Bad Grandpa.

qwertycode 19

Plot twist: the employees help him load it.

That's a pretty hard question to answer

I love old people. They just say whatever they want.

45 minutes? That Apple store needs to get their wifi checked.

#9, they waited 45 minutes in line...

xoxoblondee 31

Like the old man, the computer probably has too many viruses to keep going