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Today, I finally had an interview for my dream job. It was all going great until I started chuckling uncontrollably, snorted like a pig and hit the guy with the world's largest snot rocket. All I could do was slip out the door as he sat paralysed with shock. FML
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By  Nix188  |  13

In my perspective, you have to act like you wanna get to know them, and get comfortable. Personally I never make jokes in an interview, because you dont know the employees sense of humor and they could get offended because it was professional enough.

By  Jason Thomas McConnell  |  11

in my first job interview the shirt I was wearing was a bit too small so it pulled on my neck choking me a little. I was talking as I sat down I made a weird sound, I will never forget the look on the interviewers face. I never got the job.