The trumpet of success

By interviewed - 16/09/2009 10:37 - United States

Today, I went to an interview for a job I really wanted and am qualified for. I've been looking for months. This job was perfect; close to home and great pay. Needless to say I spent quite a while preparing. Everything was going great until I had to sneeze, which forced out a loud, long fart. FML
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dick_gozinya_ 0

lmfao. you should have been like "man, was that you?"

Wait, girls fart?


lol, was it a laugh-snort-snot-sneeze kind of fart?

Zhejan 0

In my country, it is common courtesy to shit on your interviewer's desk

suaveneanderthal 0

so successful people never fart? Especially by accident? It's not like you felt a big one comin along and lifted up a butt cheek and yelled check this out as you let it rip.

Yeah I'll fuckin lay your nuts on a fuckin dresser Just your nuts layin on a fuckin dresser And bang them shits with a spiked fuckin bat BLAOWWW!!

Reyo 2

I f*cken loled at 13 and 29.

infest0125 0

Just because you're applying for a job doesn't mean you should always avoid natural chemical reactions. If your interviewers honestly think that you shouldn't fart or poop, you probably wouldn't wanna work there.

did your interviewer laugh? If yes, congratulation you got the job !!

Umm... Has anybody on here seen the movie step brothers? I think I smell a fake. Lol

I didn't see the movie but the same thing happened to me too - except for the fact that is was a silent one.

zejan where the f**k do u live?

omg I hate it when that happens! lol

skyttlz 32

ah I'm lmao from #29

sucknuts69 0

I thought it was going to be silent*Dale's voice

sucknuts69 0

I thought it was going to be silent*Dale's voice

farted huh, is this really a FML? doubtful, however if you had shit your pants, then yes. it would been.

Think about it, he farted in front of his interviewer, for his perfect job, for a job he has been searching for, for a while now. So ya this is an FML

I hope you just acted like nothing whatsoever happened.

U shoulda did like Peter on Family Guy and talked over it. But I agree it's no fml, ur moderators suck!

dick_gozinya_ 0

lmfao. you should have been like "man, was that you?"

Wait, girls fart?

were u looking at the interviewer while farting?

hopefully that does not effect the decision being made

dick_gozinya_ 0

girls dont fart. the OP must be a man.

i heard they fart rainbows and skittles

When you are not there they certainly do ... and if drunk enough, they'll do it on cue. To the OP - If they can't understand the sneeze/pressure/fart reaction, or are willing to deny you employment because of it, you are probably better off not getting a job there anyway.

If you are as prepared, qualified and eager as you say you are, that should not be a real problem. Unless you are auditioning as a nude dancer. That would be an automatic disqualifier since the clubs are kind of drafty and the customers are staring right up your asshole most of the time. . . or so I've heard.

the_stereotype 0

this comment just made my day

angel1495 0

Ok, everyone farts. EVEN GIRLS. It might be embarrassing, but if you're ever in a situation like that again just handle it with class and say something along the lines of "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen" and move on. Ignoring it is far worse, because that just leaves an awkward tension between you and the interviewer. Apologize and immediately move on with the conversation or simply move on to another subject if possible. FYL for sure, because I know I would still be mortified if that happened to me. But at least situations like that make you think about what to do if it ever happens again. I hope you get the job!!!!! :]

doubt it! girls fart? thats not possible