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By  bluejello2001  |  16

Me too! And I've met a lot of other people with the same issue.
My reactions are a little random; I'm less likely to go red with hard liquor, beer is 50/50, and with champagne or wine I *will* look like a boiled lobster.
Aside from turning a lovely shade of tomato, I haven't noticed any other unpleasant symptoms. So I have my drink or two, and call it a night.

By  Lurker1  |  6

You cant just be allergic to alcohol as they are made with different ingredients and methods. Its more likely something in the alcohol specifically. If there is a certain type of alcohol you cant drink maybe you can narrow it down. For example a workmate of mine has mild allergies to Yeast so he cant drink beer or dark Spirits but he can drink most wines and white spirits.