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Today, I got a call from work stating that my employment was being terminated. This was after being suspended while they investigated my sexual harassment claim. Their reason for firing me: misuse of company time. Yes, I suppose reporting being sexually harassed is a huge waste of time. FML
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  9726  |  5

What this sounds like to me is; she was fired for misuse of company time. Not HER time. If the company launched an investigation and it turned out to be a bogus complaint, then they could fire her for wasting their time. I'm not saying that's what happened, just saying its a plausible explanation based on the very small post.

  Yarrachel  |  16

The presumption of innocence should go both ways. If they have to assume that the accused is innocent of sexual harassment without any evidence that says otherwise, they should also assume that the OP isn't intentionally trying to cause trouble and just misunderstood a well meaning gesture. Punishing someone who makes a complaint will only discourage people from reporting these issues.

  Ambient25  |  24

Unless the company's legal department determined the claim to be a wrongful accusation, OP can sue the company for Wrongful Termination under both the Hostile Environment and Whistle Blower Protection clauses (the latter if OP worked for any company dealing with the Government).

  ezrajab  |  22


  niallo  |  23

Even in a no fault state there are times they can't fire you. This is one of the big ones. She reports being sexually harassed and gets suspended and fired. This company is toast.

  TheDrifter  |  23

If the company found op's claim to be baseless they are within their rights to terminate her, in fact, keeping her on could be considered grounds for a hostile work environment suit by the person she accused. Lesson of the day? Have proof before filing a harassment claim.