By metallifreak44 - 14/11/2011 13:37 - Canada

Today, as a support worker, I spent 45 minutes making various attempts to calm a violent autistic kid. Just as soon as I was sure the crisis was over, he beat me as hard as he could with the "Things I Can Do When I'm Mad" book I'd given him. FML
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How unfortunate. That, and a tad bit ironic. Perhaps he gave the book a good use after all.

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Shoulda given him the book "how to make sweet passionate love to a woman".


How unfortunate. That, and a tad bit ironic. Perhaps he gave the book a good use after all.

"Things I Can Do When I'm Mad"? Are you kidding me? I hope it was a hardback.

#12. Hardcover? That made me laugh. #7. I did use number 1, you didn't see my comment? Why should the first comment be any different from the other 50? Because it's number one? I don't see how that makes it any different, it's just a number.

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Consider yourself facebooked! (assuming he hit you in the face with the book)

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I feel for ya. My friends son is autistic and it can be overwhelming.. It's really nice of you volunteer though.

"Things I Can Do When I'm Mad: #1- Hit the support worker violently."

#53. I hope you are joking, but if not, I was implying that the first use of the book was to hit op with it.

#53 I think different parts of different countries call hard bound books (or whatever you called it) different things.

#109. I wasn't joking! But it was also a misunderstanding, that statement was so vague that it could've meant anything. But, as they say, assumptions make an ass out of you and me. So, sorry. ;3 #119. And yeah, hard cover/hard back/hard bound.

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tie his neck and limbs to dumbells and throw him in the depths of the atlantic ocean.

and drag you along with him while he's at it

Oh yes, murder is always the solution. ~_~

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I hope that wasn't an attempt to be funny because it made you look really stupid. Even more so then that stupid smile does

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Well aren't you just a wonderful individual!...

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Hey, she did say she has a strange sense of humor in her about me section so settle down people. Thank you.

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Youre a bitch for saying that about an autistic kid or any child for that matter

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How i love it when they make it a challenge...

That's why the book starts at number 2.

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Well, that displays that he didn't want that book? Sorry for that OP.

I hope he wrote that in as a thing to do!

And when you promise a cookie, you better follow through or they'll be even more pissed! :P

Page 1: count to ten. Page 2: beat the shit out of a support worker with a book...

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Tell him that if he clams down he can have a cookie, works every time.

You're ignorant. Do you have no respect for mentally-ill people at all?

Autistic people aren't mentally ill... -.-

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Can he have a cookie if he "calms" down?

@67 Ignorant or not, I'd take the cookie. Especially if it's got chocolate in it. Most people of FML would take the cookie. Mum used a similar technique on me when I let my emotions get out of control - just distract me with something like a toy or treat food or just talking about something I like.

69- Autism is a mental illness, but that doesn't make autistic people retarded. I saw a show about an autistic blind guy that could play any song that he'd ever heard on the piano. It was amazing.

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that would be "super humans" the name of the show

86- I knew there was a word for it, just couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for clearing that up.

I have autism and it is a learning disorder not a mental illness. Not all people with autism is mentally instable.

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Just because Autistic kids have problems does not mean they are not smart. I'm not sure if you have ever heard of Temple Grandin but she is highly autistic and designer of move then 50% of the cattle shoots though out the U.S. and Canada. Don't be so quick to judge.

Autism is a disorder, not a mental illness. I wish people would bother to find that out rather than immediately deciding that because they behave the way they do, they're unstable in the head. My brother is autistic, mildly, and he is the smartest and most enthusiastic learner I know. As well as there being negatives with autism, there are a lot of positives.

Can no one in this thread tell that autism is indeed a mental disorder and it does indeed make someone retarded?


Add "beating someone" to the book.

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Nobody here was making fun of them?

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Thats sweet I completely agree. Besides they can't help it.

Boy, you can't read very well, can you? Otherwise you certainly would have noticed OP is a support worker who tries to help autistic kids, and in my world, helping someone isn't the same as making fun of them. Don't be that sensitive, OP wasn't making fun at all and I bet banananut would have wrote the same comment if it wasn't an autistic kid. It's very cool that you want to help people with autism, but if someone beats you as hard as he could with a book, you would definitely have right and reason to write an FML. Even if they can't help it.

I help kids with mental and physical disabilities play sports, do work, compete in special olympics, etc. Im only 15. I looked on this post to start a fight with someone making fun of these kids. But no one said anything offensive. My sister has downs. I have a friend who's brother has autism. I know what is offensive and what isn't, this isn't.... There are good people out there

You're the one who said to 'offer him a cookie.' Weren't you the one making fun?

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People with autism shouldn't be looked down on, or treated any different than a normal person. My sister has autism and she functions just like any other person. Treating an autistic person like they are different gives them the idea that they are different and that they can't function "normally". I understand that some cases are more dramatic than others and that some need more attention but that's no reason to treat them differently.

Yeah, that's true. A special eds teacher friend of mine taught me that when referring to a child with special needs, you mention their name, then WITH whatever disorder they have. That way it's like they're a person, just with a disorder.

I totally agree! My little brother is autistic, not violent but still just the same they should receive equal treatment it's not fair!! Thanks for understanding(:

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You ought to take that kid to a gun range and let him fire a machine gun for a while to let out his hostility. What could go wrong?

perdix 29

Nothing, I guess. Sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Sounds like a plan. Don't forget incendiary ammo too yeah.

I see about 2 things that could possibly go wrong... First, the gun jams and the kid beats the shit out of op for that. Second, well.. I guess there was only one thing that could really go wrong.

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I wish I could help autistic kids but I'm just a dentist.

A dentist that can provide dental care to an autistic child would be very popular with parents. I'm the father of an autistic child and the dentist we found that specializes in autistic and special needs kids is the best thing on the planet, believe me!

Wow...I cannot imagine an autistic kid and a dentist getting along. That must be one super dentist.

Mine son grinds his teeth (he is autistic). I took him to the dentist and boy did that not go over well. Between me, 2 dental hygienists plus the dentist holding him down, still couldn't get his mouth open so they can see inside.

Dealing with children with autism or other mental disabilities doesn't have to be your job. Volunteering a part of your time to help others is a million times better and you get a feeling of accomplishment as reward.

OMG yes! My son is autistic and if you think it's bad getting regular kids to brush their teeth try an autistic one. I mean flat Out screaming, kicking and falling on the floor. The poor dentists that do see him cant ever do any work. He always has to be under sedation which is soooooo expensive. You could specialize in helping autistic kids with dental problems, its very widespread.