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Today, I went to a zoo that had a gorilla in a cage. I walked up, and the gorilla stopped what he was doing, looked me in the eyes, and started jacking off. FML
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lol - so hot that the OP makes Gorillas spank their Monkeys!

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that was unecessary, Jessica alba ^

Lol 20 wins the comment of the day award hands down

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Hahahahahahaha this is a funny ass fml!

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Bad gorilla. You need to spank that monkey.

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HAHAHAHA! You should take it as a compliment!

FYI Monkeys and gorillas are two different species of animal, and are not related to each other.

I love how it doesn't show OPs gender... so imagine if it was a guy. Gay Gorilla [;

The same way that slightly more intelligent animals, called "humans," do, 165.

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165 - Seriously? Do you need a diagram?

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finish it off!! get itself some monkey tonite bitchh!aha

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btw also #117, stop using a girl youve never met befores pics

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haah its ironic cuz im using a google pic too but im not impersonating, its for laughs. but yea 117 dont use izzis pics, faking is dumb. ive talked to her before and faking is pretty much her biggest pet peeve

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gay, the numbers changed. all 117s above are now 172

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you're lying, gorillas have small penises and aren't promiscuous like chimps. also animals would do this period unless it was a person in a costume.

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*wouldn't sorry about the typo

take it as a complement.. if u were a gorilla, u wuld be a hot one

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actually animals have sex instinctively for reproduction, they do not do it for pleasure. (although I guess that would be a nice bonus). and I can't really see this being true.

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not all animals 198 just most, and gorillas happen to be in the most group.

It's either monkies, gorillas, or both that also can do it for pleasure. They're smart enough or close enough to us I guess.

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you should have shit in your hand and thrown it at him.


Hmmm so the monkey was spanking his monkey ?

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That's not entirely true. Bonobos for example engage in sexual behavior for pleasure much the same way humans do. Additionally, zoologists have been known to teach various primates in captivity how to ********** so they can then collect the sperm and use it for artificial insemination.

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fyl but take it as a complimant!

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Maybe OP looks like she should play in the WNBA, or he looks like Shaq

Explain dogs humping legs then. Or that masturbating turtle that I saw on youtube. How the hell do we know animals don't have sex for pleasure? Are scientists handing out questionnaires or something? Of course they do it to procreate, but who's to say they don't just do it because it feels good? They just might not be as frequently horny as primates. I have to assume most quadrupeds don't ********** because they lack the opposeable digits.

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284, Dogs usually hump legs to show dominance. Concerning the turtle, I wouldn't have any idea, I haven't seen the video.

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dolphins, though they can't **********, will have sex for pleasure. several animals do, including primates. learned that on discovery I think?

Hey! It's inter-species erotica, fucko!

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dumbass it's a ******* gorilla

Yes dolphins do have sex for pleasure and for reproduction

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I see what you did there... lol

#198 Some apes do do it for pleasure, and so do dolphins

Thank you kindly for explaining for us. We were confused.

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haha i just love when people likes monkeys

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haha this reminds me if Tarzan!

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right?! Tarzan was a Disney movie, and included nothing similar to this... smh

What kind of ****** up Tarzan did you watch as a kid

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Why not take it as a compliment? ;) heehee Gorilla thinks you're sexy! ^__^

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so many ppl from vegas :D its awesome

look at that again. a GORILLA thinks OP is sexy. a GORILLA.

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Haven't you watched King Kong? Gorillas don't have bad taste.

Haha, a horse did that to my friend once. She walked up to the pen the horse was in and its penis extended out of its little pouch thing.

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@96 why don't you give us all the technical terms? :p @207 I'm pretty sure it didn't need to pee afterward.

Ur stupid horses mostly dangle for no reason. It's like when guys like to chill in their boxers

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Typical male behavior *eyeroll*

Yeah, it always annoys me when most guys just see a girl, pull down their pants, and start jacking off. It really clogs the hallways.

And they never have enough wet floor signs, either.

Worse yet, JaneDoe, is when guys happen to glance out their windows while driving. "Bridge may be slippery" signs are in almost as short supply.

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Aah, and suddenly the high incidence of summertime bridge crashes is explained. Here I thought there was a weird black ice phenomenon in the local riverbank microclimate.