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smart kid. I've always thought it best to just tell kids the truth. like my little brother used to call his penis the most random things like 'feather' or he'd call it a 'tail'. my mom was content with this b/c she didn't want to have to address that with him. he's 8 and only recently started calling it his private. and in between calling it a 'tail' & 'private' he used to point & say 'umm... umm... this thing, I dunno' whenever he got soap in it & was burning but took extra time explaining where it burned b/c he couldn't identify his own body part...

with that said, 'mating' is okay for a kid to know b/c it's just animals & it's nature. however, whoever taught her that it's called 'fucking' is not cool.


oh, & before any smart ass says something about why my little bro talks about his dick so much is b/c he has a habit of punching his dick & smashing it into things (edges & corners) for 'fun' & then complaining about the pain later, like a dumbass.

  Yourmamma1986  |  0

no it isn't young children r very smart and it may not even be the parents fault they may hav a much older sibling that has taught her these things I've seen it before so it's def not an fml chase she is the aunt

  MykeLytorus  |  0

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice just like what clothes you wear! FTW!!
Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I come one here and comment on every single FML.

  AngryNinja  |  1

I'm actually failing to see the fml here. I think it's more of an f her parents' lives. I personally would have almost pissed myself laughing. Talk about make my day. And WTF with leapfrog?

  luigisf  |  0

I don't like the people saying the kid or the parents are awesome, so now 4 y old kids saying cuss words is awesome? wow isn't our world just awesome then?

  CitizenSnipz  |  0

this reminds me of that part in Robot Chicken... a little girl and her granny are on a bench...
Granny: "I worry about where today's culture is headi-"

  Chipaway  |  0

What the heck is your problem? 'messed up stupids' I'm a kid, at least I know proper English. Its unfortunate the kid knows that kind of language, but all in all, it's a pretty funny situation. You can't just lay blame on the parents straight away either, she could have picked it up anywhere.

And... throw her into the lion habitat? Someone obviously wasn't hugged enough as a child :)

  Stupified  |  0

How is that a lesson? if op had told a normal kid they were fucking the kid would have told the parents and op woulda got his ass kicked, so op was just telling the kids something easy to understand and much less innappropriate. But a smart kid can tell they're fucking right away, if it was leap frog one woulda made it over unless it's one fatass lion.


you don't have to say "oh they're fucking". you could, in a very adult manner explain to the child that was they said was inappropriate. then you could explain that it is a natural process, but, for humans, one that is supposed to be private. obviously the concept has been explained to her already.

  stacers  |  0

You do not have to differentiate between humans and animals. A simple "they're mating" "they're making babies" or even "they're having sex" would suffice. Just be honest with the kids. Honest knowledge is not going to make them more sexually fact it's been proven to decrease early sexual activity.

  redrovaa  |  0

Well, she's 4. I think she shouldn't know what sex IS until at least 8.

Kids don't know most things, so she could say 'lets play family' or w.e. to one of her boy friends and try to do what lions did, and if she's in preschool, that's gonna raise a lot of questions.

Leapfrog is fine, it's not like she's never going to get sexual education or gonna look back on this 10 years from now and say "DAMN MY AUNT! She totally ruined my view of sex."


Honesty is the best policy... when it's your child. Things get tricky when you're babysitting or spending time with someone else's kids, though. In the OP's situation, I would probably just say "I don't know." Better the kids think you're dumb than the parents get upset.

  diet_otaku  |  0

110, you must be new here. if the kid hadn't made it clear that she already knew what sex is (although she shouldn't be swearing, that much is definitely parenting fail), then we'd be seeing an FML about how she started "playing leap-frog" with the kids at preschool or something. and you think a kid shouldn't know about sex until they're EIGHT? kids are hitting PUBERTY at 8 years old, they are more than prepared to know the basics of reproduction (man and woman have sex, baby is made) when they start school.