By wantontsu - 11/09/2010 18:59

Today, I had diarrhea in a Walmart bathroom for 15 minutes. Apparently, so did the guy in the stall next to me. He attempted to make small talk to pass the time. FML
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that musta been one shitty conversation

you shouldve thrown some used tp over the wall to shut him up


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Hahahaha ur life sucks

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Why? At least he talked to a nice person :3

Thank you for saying something meaningful instead of trying to make it known that you were the first to comment!

#11, 'something meaningful', really? How was that comment meaningful to you? It's better than 'first' I guess, but meaningful? Naah.

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HAhaha. once my friend thought that I was in the stall next to her and she was talking and then she came out and found out it was her teacher! ;)

how does that suck? I don't get it, this is an embarrassing moment, but not a FML

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should've had a stand off like Peter griffin and michael Moore

atleast he was friendly :)

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16-People who try to get the first generally have comments such as "FYL", "YDI" or (my personal favorite) "Hahahaha" OP-When you're sittin' on the can and talking to another man, diarrhea *clap clap* diarrhea!

should've played battleship with him.

#16, he was being sarcastic. it's harder to tell if someone is sarcastic when they type it.

28 is a WIN.

#50, I hadn't looked at it that way yet. But if that is the case, which would actually make more sense, than it seems I agree with her anyway. Yes, it can be hard to get sarcasm across in writings.

agree with 51 that 28 is a WIN!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This isn't an fml. Fuck you, OP.

ydi for shopping at walmart

34..u are soo badass for liking halo 3.. I can see ur poster bak ther

Hahahahaha that's so funny and weird!! Awkward! Lol

you shouldve thrown some used tp over the wall to shut him up

That comment is seriously disturbing.

I mean have the runs

2 made me LMFAO! WIN

LMAO ha ha ha. . .now that is some funny shit!


It's only a FML if you talked back, but then again YDI if you did..

I don't know how to respond to this.

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And that is totally why you decided to comment? You obviously have something to say if you said something.

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xD This is funny.

Op that shit's one shitty shituation, but YDI for shitting in public. Oh shit! 

shit man! afp is so shitty!

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this is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. fyl

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no homo or anything! but ur gorgeous ! hahah

u ain't bad either ^^

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Sorry champion, they're both google pics.

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Who cares if they're google pics? Whoever the really are, they're gorgeous. Haha.

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True. On an unrelated note, the ladies love my tail. They say it's the most attractive part of me. *walks away grumbling about never finding socks that won't rip.

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good for you