By wantontsu - 11/09/2010 18:59

Today, I had diarrhea in a Walmart bathroom for 15 minutes. Apparently, so did the guy in the stall next to me. He attempted to make small talk to pass the time. FML
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you shouldve thrown some used tp over the wall to shut him up


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Why? At least he talked to a nice person :3

Thank you for saying something meaningful instead of trying to make it known that you were the first to comment!

#11, 'something meaningful', really? How was that comment meaningful to you? It's better than 'first' I guess, but meaningful? Naah.

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HAhaha. once my friend thought that I was in the stall next to her and she was talking and then she came out and found out it was her teacher! ;)

how does that suck? I don't get it, this is an embarrassing moment, but not a FML

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should've had a stand off like Peter griffin and michael Moore

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16-People who try to get the first generally have comments such as "FYL", "YDI" or (my personal favorite) "Hahahaha" OP-When you're sittin' on the can and talking to another man, diarrhea *clap clap* diarrhea!

#16, he was being sarcastic. it's harder to tell if someone is sarcastic when they type it.

#50, I hadn't looked at it that way yet. But if that is the case, which would actually make more sense, than it seems I agree with her anyway. Yes, it can be hard to get sarcasm across in writings.

agree with 51 that 28 is a WIN!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This isn't an fml. **** you, OP.

34..u are soo badass for liking halo 3.. I can see ur poster bak ther

Hahahahaha that's so funny and weird!! Awkward! Lol

It's only a FML if you talked back, but then again YDI if you did..

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And that is totally why you decided to comment? You obviously have something to say if you said something.

Op that shit's one shitty shituation, but YDI for ******** in public. Oh shit! 

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this is the funniest thing I've read in awhile. fyl

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no **** or anything! but ur gorgeous ! hahah

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Sorry champion, they're both google pics.

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Who cares if they're google pics? Whoever the really are, they're gorgeous. Haha.

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True. On an unrelated note, the ladies love my tail. They say it's the most attractive part of me. *walks away grumbling about never finding socks that won't rip.