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Today, after two root canal procedures done on the same tooth in last two years, the tooth had been acting up for a few days, so I went in to get it checked. Turns out, it got infected AGAIN and I gotta get a THIRD root canal done on the same tooth. FML
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By  bullsonyourface  |  20

thankfully root canals aren't as painful as they used to be, but still 3 on one tooth, I didn't even know that was a thing. I'm so sorry. not sure why your dentist didn't recommend getting it pulled, unless it's a front one then I guess I sort of understand but a dead tooth is just as distracting as a missing one. (currently experiencing the same "keep it or rip it" on one of my front teeth) hope you get some relief soon.

By  gring40  |  10

Actually, your dentist is properly referring you to the endodontist , but I suggest finding another endodontist to finally get this right. Definitely lose the guy who has botched it twice.