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By Anonymous - 30/10/2019 02:00

Today, after two root canal procedures done on the same tooth in last two years, the tooth had been acting up for a few days, so I went in to get it checked. Turns out, it got infected AGAIN and I gotta get a THIRD root canal done on the same tooth. FML
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Just get the fucker pulled dude!

Didn’t your dentist recommend pulling it?


Just get the fucker pulled dude!

Didn’t your dentist recommend pulling it?


You've got some nerve! Good luck on the op -- we're rooting for you!

Ain't that the tooth.

Throw the whole tooth away.

thankfully root canals aren't as painful as they used to be, but still 3 on one tooth, I didn't even know that was a thing. I'm so sorry. not sure why your dentist didn't recommend getting it pulled, unless it's a front one then I guess I sort of understand but a dead tooth is just as distracting as a missing one. (currently experiencing the same "keep it or rip it" on one of my front teeth) hope you get some relief soon.

Find another dentist who will talk to you about options besides another root canal. Sounds like it just needs pulled.

Actually, your dentist is properly referring you to the endodontist , but I suggest finding another endodontist to finally get this right. Definitely lose the guy who has botched it twice.

I thought a root canal was to kill the nerve to a tooth to stop the pain?? Once you kill it, it’s gone. There’s no doing it again??

sometimes there are two roots to a tooth. so its possible to have two done. but at this point it seems they should just pull it