By Stung - 10/02/2012 14:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I got into a fist-fight with a wasp, aka a Nazi helicopter. Despite swiping at it with ninja-like skills, I lost. FML
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Apparently he tried to swat a wasp away and got stung. He worded it like an idiot though.


GhettoXmuffin 7

I need a moment to figure out how this MLIA piece of shit got past the mods.

Anybody else not actually get this fml? Or should I hang my head in shame :(

stevenJB 25

Your pic so matches your comment and the FML. Bravo!

eigelste 0

In lay-person terms...i swatted at a wasp but it stung me anyways.

X_Codes 11

@37: Yes, but that's totally mundane and not worthy of an FML. Oh wait, this really isn't worthy of an FML.

unitedfan11 0

YDI. Why did you try to swat a wasp? That gives you a greater chance of being stung and according to your "battle", that's exactly what happened.

Jakesterk96 8

I like how 1's picture fits his comment perfectly.

n_epic_fail 14

Come on OP, we all know you can't "go ninja" on a wasp. It's all about your samurai skills.

Let me gestopo you there.. These holocaust references are taking me out of Mein Kampfort zone, Ann Frankly, I find them a little offensive..

X_Codes 11

Excuse me, mods, for not sharing your sense of humor. A guy tried to swat a wasp and got stung. It kinda sucks for him, but he should have known better, and it's really not funny, even if you call the wasp a Nazi helicopter and equate aimless-girly-flailing to ninja-like skills.

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Apparently he tried to swat a wasp away and got stung. He worded it like an idiot though.

I thought this FML was worded amazingly! First FML to actually make me laugh really hard in a while.

LunaDragon 10

53 Is right, its worded perfectly, and its funny. I mean everyone gets stung by a wasp or bee at sometime, and if Op had just said "Today, I got stung by a wasp, fml", everyone would be like, SOooo.... big ****** whop dee-do.

To be honest the whole post already makes me feel whoop dee ******* doo. You swat at a wasp you get stung, I doubt he had real ninja skills. Tried too hard imo.

94 - it's still funny picturing someone trying to "fist fight" with a wasp

bringingUGLYback 4

I speak for everyone when i say, you need to man up.

Seriously!! And where was the op's sword during all of this!?

bizarre_ftw 21

Forget sword, I wanted to hear of the death match with flaming arrows!!

shanemaximo 7

You should have used your ninja skills to follow it back to the nest, get inside and wait for it to let its guard down. Then, SNEAK ATTACK!!!

kbtoyz69 9

That wasp's powers over 9000!!!!!!

eigelste 0

Then your not a real Ninja, better luck next time

bizarre_ftw 21

40 - Your dragon pulled Santa sleigh is making the moon appear to be giving a "wtf" face (just thought I'd be capt obvious and mention it)

First of all Chuck Noris is it only thing that can put a beat down on a ninja. You have nanny like skills

He came over to kick my ass saw my pet wasp and decided to change the spelling of his name.

Pffft. Chuck Norris would beat the shit out of your pet wasp. I hear he can move mountains with a single round-house kick, and has reflexes so sharp he can catch bullets with his teeth! If you have a pet wasp. Its time for a new pet

Yeah he's pretty cool we had a couple of beers and went home

bizarre_ftw 21

It's like with "god" in that one religious, overly relied on book. They have to spell it G_d because to write his name would be blasphemy

SpruceDread4578 13

85- As much as I would agree with you, (fellow atheist), this was an incorrect time :p Regardless...I still agree.

You lost in a fist fight with a wasp? Why would you use your closed fists?!? Did you think it would kill it even if you hit?? When dealing with those Germans you got to use their own weapons against them! Try hanging a poisonous wasp trap next time.

BarDownDaily 12

12- I can't speak for OP, but I'm sure if they connected with a solid punch on a wasp that the wasp would indeed die.

49-Have you ever killed an insect before? A punch will not do, they can survive heavy shock due to their biological composition.

I have also found out myself that insects dont take nerf bullets to the face very well!

purplemnm 9

I've punched a wasp before, it doesn't kill them, trust me.