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Today, after putting in 110% at my shitty job for two years straight, my boss told me point-blank I'm too good in my current position for him to ever be able to justify promoting me. FML
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In other words, your boss knows you would fast track to his position and he is afraid you would surpass him

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he could at least give you a raise.


In other words, your boss knows you would fast track to his position and he is afraid you would surpass him

Unfortunately, being good at a job is no indicator of being good at management / higher positions. This is often why people get saddled with crappy, god-awful bosses. Their bosses were once good at their jobs, and then they got promoted. And they were not good at their new job, being a boss.

There's a name for that; the peter principle. People are promoted based on their performance in their current role, and continue to rise until they reach a role they are unsuited for, which they remain at. Leaving all the management roles stocked with people who are incompetent at them. Perhaps OP's manager believes in this idea. This could be the polite way of telling OP that they are good at their current job, but the manager thinks they are unsuitable for the next position.

That's like 5 words, but I like the idea behind it

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he could at least give you a raise.

never going to happen, can't afford to quit and if his boss knew he was looking for another he would get fired. I feel his pain, been thre myself recently. My feiend had to get promoted to another dept, I had to tell my boss I was only putting in 25%, and wait for the next opening my friend could hire me for!

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my 90 day probationary term ends next Sunday and my boss wants to give me a raise but he says I'm too slow of a worker but it's really because I'm the only one doing my job while the rest of them are doing other stuff.

Time to start searching for another job maybe, if he won't promote you there's no point not looking for somewhere you can progress further

Plus, if op really is that valuable to the boss in that specific job, than there's a chance that when op goes to quit he'll be offered more money to stay. Either way, it's best if op leaves, either he'll leave and find a job where he can go further and get paid more, or his leaving will make his current boss realize how valuable op is and he'll realize op needs to be paid what he's worth.

That also means your services are better used elsewhere. time to start firing up that resume. there are better jobs out there.

What a lying ****. Start giving 50% from now on.

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If you hit the glass ceiling, move on! You will never get anywhere with this boss.

Hard work eventually pays off OP. Maybe just not work where you are at now, but if your aditude is set straight, then you will suceed in most things.

Perhaps, 17, you'd be more successful in life if you had worked a little harder mastering English grammar.

@23 this is funny because I got my current job due to my grammar skills being better than most. I just don't apply them online, no point in trying, at all.

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Well looks like he has two options now: Either give you the promotion that you've been wanting, OR watch as you take your talents to another company that pays/treats you better.