By Aintnosunshine - 31/12/2008 03:48 - France

Today, I attended a speed dating evening. After 7 minutes, the girl told me she wasn't interested. I asked her at what point of the conversation she had made up her mind, she answered: "When you said 'Hello'. Goodbye". FML
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Well know you know why she is not taken.

Also she's a shallow bitch.


Also she's a shallow bitch.

Well know you know why she is not taken.


Shallow bitch. Good thing you didn't go out with her.

HAHAHA! You lost her at "Hello"... sorry but it was funny. Hope the other dates were better.

Ouch... thats fucked up... :-/ wat a bitch... FYL.

No wonder she's single

ohh poor rejection dnt worry she isnt worth it lmfao

lol daaam she's a bitch