By Anonymous - 1/9/2021 19:01

Vape Nation

Today, at work, the same manager who flagged me for being on my phone during an emergency call to my MIL, telling me my baby had an accident and busted her head open, was sitting in the office watching TikTok videos and hitting her vape pen. I guess the rules only apply to certain people. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  22

It’s an old expression “Do as I say, not as I do.” Which is another way of saying that many times people in a position of authority make rules that they feel do not apply to themselves. Obviously a very good leader will lead by moral example and act consistent with what they expect from their subordinates. And just as obviously, your boss is not that kind of person.

Frankly unless your boss does something that is demonstrably illegal, and you have proof, there is usually little you can do about how they conduct themselves on the job. They got their position from the next person up in the organization and work and communicate with that person all the time - So your boss’s boss is more likely to believe your boss than you if you tried to go around your boss. They might even already be aware of their behavior but if they are making money for the organization they might turn a blind eye to inappropriate behavior.

The best you realistically can do in situation like this is to make sure you follow the rules and make sure you document your explanations in case you are written up for some infraction. If the working conditions are intolerable look for work elsewhere - But find a new job before quitting.

By  Grizz8831  |  13

yes... this is life when you have a job. it is a ton of BS, but the rules aren't for production, time saving or cost saving. it is purely to show chain of authority, and best case because it is a stupid thing to flag someone for so they can show THEIR boss they are doing their job, even if the team is doing great.