By Anonymous - 21/12/2013 23:29 - United States - Ypsilanti

Today, I did the "walk of shame" sixteen blocks. It wouldn't have been so bad if the sidewalks and streets weren't completely covered in ice. Somewhere along the way I lost what little dignity I had left, along with my left shoe. FML
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HFM15 5

its not the walk of shame, its "the got laid parade"

At least it was the walk of shame, not the march of the socially awkward penguin


HFM15 5

its not the walk of shame, its "the got laid parade"

Yeah, the right shoe gave you hope of a better tomorrow? No?! *Walks away*

It's only a walk of shame if you want it to be.

dantee2005 33

I dislike moderated comments. I always want to know what was typed and how bad it was. I always imagine the worst.

Agreed. As long as you used protection and had fun, no harm done.

gingaa96 18

I want to feel pity for you, but then again you stopped down to a one night stand, so a little fyl and a little ydi

gingaa96 18
jazzy_123 20

I want to thumb you down a thousand times. Lucky for you, I can't..

If only people would just live their life and let other people do the same, as long as they're not breaking the law.

#15, even if they're breaking the law, so what? As long as it doesn't hurt someone, it doesn't matter. Many laws are arbitrary or obsolete.

flynryder 7

Silly laws like you can't give a girl more than five lbs of chocolate a day in Idaho.

people are entitled to make their own decisions, may it be deemed rational or irrational in another persons eyes, every human is entitled to do what they want. judging another person is stupid.

Well #6 you can believe that waiting till marriage is the proper thing to do, but don't apply your standards to someone else. Just because you wouldn't do something because it is wrong for you doesn't mean that it is wrong for someone else to do that something. Be open minded and don't shove your values and beliefs onto others. Your values and beliefs should only be used to judge your own actions, words, and thoughts.

I recently 'stooped' to a one-night-stand for the first time, and with that guy I've gone into a friends-with-bens situation, and I couldn't be happier. After a dreary, dragged two-year relationship, I don't want the commitment right now, but this guy is good conversation And a bit of a romantic genius and we have great passion. If this remains a fling, so be it, but if it gets more serious in the future, I dare anyone to question my morals.

You say on a website dedicated to judging other people.

Sweetpea22 14

Let me guess, you can't get laid. Is that why you're bitter?

I would like to point out that #6 never said anything about waiting till marriage. I know tons of people who look down on one-night stands, but have already had sex with their long-time bf/gf. That being said, I disagree with what #6 said. As long as it doesn't go against OP's morals/beliefs, why should we look down on her? She does not believe the same things as you, so it wouldn't make sense if she behaved the same way as you.

it would seem as if it goes against morals and beliefs if she is referring to it as the walk of shame

You are free to want a girl who makes you put in some time for sex and the OP is free to be an easy lay. If it isn't hurting you, maybe just don't express your opinion about it in public.

Grauncho 27

Never feel ashamed that you got yourself some dick. This is only an FML because you lost your shoe.

jazzy_123 20

I'm honestly confused since when did walk of shame mean something sexual.

Sweetpea22 14

Since the phrase was first invented

It's not a walk of shame, it's a stride of pride. Never be ashamed to have sex hun

graphicstyle7 17

Amen! Don't think of it as "the walk of shame" that really corrosive, old-fashioned thinking. You had fun, end of story. Lots of people out there could use a little of that.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

thanks for the sex,, now get out

Grauncho 27

Found the douchebag who thinks he's hilarious.