By Anonymous - Canada
Today, while waiting on the platform, a blind man asked out loud for some help getting into the subway car. I helped him through the doors and into a seat. I decided to sit down as well. Twenty minutes later, I realized I was on the wrong subway line. FML
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By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for helping people under ANY circumstances, for not paying attention to what you were doing, for not cropdusting the other passengers on the train, and for riding public transportation. Also, how could you fall for such an old scam? He was a pickpocket.

  ygdrassil  |  17

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By  _whisper_  |  0

Well that was a nice thing to do but why would be the chances of someone your helping getting on the same subway line? You should really pay attention to that kind of stuff.

By  FaberDriveLuv  |  5

First of all, good for you op for helping him :]

Twenty minutes on a subway (TTC? Since your from Ontario :P) goes pretty far....hope it doesn't hurt to get off at the next stop and take the opposite subway back to your original stop.