By Aggressive - 24/07/2013 13:12 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I came back from vacation only to find my 16-year-old son was throwing a party with over 30 kids in our house. My 33-year-old sister was having fun dancing on a table. FML
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My son had to clean up the mess, and pay for any damages, also he's grounded for a LONG time. Hopefully he'll learn from this. At the moment, my sisters still too drunk to be reasonable, I'll have to speak to her when she's sober. As for the kids at the party, most of their parents have been notified!

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Obviously he should be punished but now that you know that he drinks maybe you could be more open to him doing it in the house? When my granny found out I drank at 16 I was allowed to have a drink or two at a family get together but nothing serious like spirits. Anyway letting him find out his limits is good because you don't want to be the parent of the guy who comes home, vomits in the sink and sleeps on the kitchen floor at 19


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Good time for the sister. But the kid is getting grounded!

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I would hope not. Technically the aunt would have been in charge, and she didn't seem to mind.

You're right, the sister needs to be grounded.

30 - Except for the fact that she is 33 and can do whatever the **** she wants.

*sigh* 39 I am so so sorry if you did not understand that it was a joke. Next time, I'll be sure to state that I'm making a joke so you will understand I'm not serious.

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39 - It appears that Sir Buzz Killington is in today.

Haha ohh yes 57, I wouldn't risk all those down votes for one person!

Lol if it wasnt out of control, I hope you let them continue!

Tell your sister she should have used her own house if she wanted to party.

I would hope the sister isn't still living at home. #getgoin

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If you can't beat them, join them mentality perhaps?

Exactly, join in the party. That's what I would do, unless there was beer, then everyone out. But if it was just a party-party, I'd join in, make everyone uncomfortable, and ground him when it was over. Seriously, if you're kid can get 30 people to show up to a party, then I would let him have his cake and eat it, too. I can't get anyone other than family, and really close friends to show up to mine, your kid has the magic touch. :)

That's probably because you kick people out if they bring beer. It's not hard to get a big party going if u let people drink

It was Ireland and a party with sixteen year olds. I'm pretty sure everyone was drinking.

I'm old enough, and responsible enough to have a party with alcohol. I would flip if I had an underage son, with beer, at a party in my house. You don't have to have alcohol to have a good time, it helps, but it's not always necessary. Also, different countries, different laws. If it's legal where you live, and you feel your kids are responsible enough to hold their liquor, at your house, while you're not there, then do it. It's not my place to say anything different. Just make sure they also are responsible enough to stay sober, and have no one leave drunk without a cab or sober friend. (Keep in mind they'll be without you). And If you still have that much faith/trust in your kid, then why would anyone say no?

Apparently life is too short to put a period in between two sentences.

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With a screen name like that..I can see why they need to let their hair down a little when you are away OP. Maybe you need to take it easy on them..

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salazara 10

#53 - Stalking is a criminal offence!

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throw a cleaning party the next day