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haha, me too.
Unless his face was planted on the ice or you have some epic moves where you can jump pretty high, it is a bit strange. unless he is a little person, then that may be an exception.

  rique2008  |  10

yeah i dont get how she couldve gotten that close with her blade in a jump, maybe a spin i would belive, because i know people that have been hit by spins and had to go to the ER, but if you can cut a persons face mid-jump then you really need to work on your air position. or better yet, just stay on the wall and let the guy try to impress you

  KingDingALing  |  9

I knew I shouldn't have put password as "IsecretlyloveKaySL"! That was way too obvious.

Hmm...I'm going to include you in my next password, Doc. It'll be something along the lines of "Erotic.....Doc....NippleTweaking...furiously humping...kinky"

I think you get the point.

  dewoww  |  0

I was thinking owe him a kiss. if he skated with her he prob wouldnt mind getting a piece of her. although trying to impress like that is pretty low. hope she was very sorry and willing.