By Anonymous - 24/07/2013 16:36 - United States - Anchorage

Today, I found out that even though my boyfriend thinks that peeing on me in the shower is acceptable, he will still freak out and call me disgusting if I try to use the toilet while he's taking a shower. FML
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beneathitallxx 15

Next time pee on him, see how he likes it.


Just shit on him the next time you guys take a shower, see how he likes it.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's just ****** up, 17. If any girl straight up shit on me while I was in the shower I'd flip the **** out. I could deal with peeing, even though it'd be a tad strange. But once I see her drop a deuce on my foot, it's ******* over.

TheDrifter 23

It's not the sight that will get to you, it's the Mcfeelii-ng of it.

Hey you pee on me I shit on you, that's the way I see it.

iLike2Teabag 27

Yea, to hell with an eye for an eye. An eye for a head, right #45?

The way I see it, the guy would probably LIKE it if OP peed on him, so she would have to do something he finds disgusting as revenge... Like using the toilet while he is in the shower...

Paulkit 6

Dude the whole scene of taking a dump, that too standing in a shower, that too on someone, what cartoon do u watch, lol

Yeah, like what the **** - why?! His mom must've missed out on potty training him when he was a baby. Fyl OP that is some bodily fluids you guys should never be exchanging.

Just a little water sport never hurt anyone. Well actually I'm disgusted by it but hey at least this isn't a huge relationship issue you often hear about.

Calm down, pee is sterile when first emitted. You just need to rinse it off.

beneathitallxx 15

Next time pee on him, see how he likes it.

Obviously not if he's freaking out that she's just using the toilet in his vicinity

He's been listening to a little too much R . Kelly

fuckmylife518 15

How dare you pee while he's trying to get clean! Gosh, you're so dirty! *cue extreme sarcasm*

Wizardo 33

Here's an idea, lock the door until he's properly potty trained...

So you don't like the golden shower shower? He probably freaks out because he's afraid you'll flush the toilet and scald his balls while he's showering.

TheDrifter 23

All she needs to do is crank on the hot water tap when she flushes. Just adjust the flow by the tone of his screams.

Well that would a good way for OP to get revenge if her boyfriend ever pisses her off.

Not really if he's calling her disgusting... if it was about scalding him, he'd probably use different terminology

Her boyfriend has already pissed her off, literally.

If I were you I'd be so pissed. Urine for a treat for the next shower.

OP flush the toilet next time he is in the shower. Make him feel Piss-idons wrath! XD

werewolf_babe 16

That's very hypocritical >_> Why let him pee on you in the first place? ._.

MerrikBarbarian 9

It's a fetish some people have. I don't get it myself, but each to their own.