By Anonymous - 06/11/2015 20:47 - Poland - Warsaw

Today, my roommate called me, but she's a cunt so I ignored her. A few hours later, I found out her mom and dad were in a serious car accident and she needed a ride to go see them at the hospital. FML
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lexiieeex3 32

Usually if you don't like someone and they don't like you they wouldn't call you unless it was something important and they absolutely had to.

Mackade 18

You shouldn't ignore your roommate because they're a ****, what if it was about the house or dorm?


Mackade 18

You shouldn't ignore your roommate because they're a ****, what if it was about the house or dorm?

Ya, the main reason I feel like op should answer her phone when her roommate calls is because it could be something about the house they live in. It could be something like someone broke in, or there was something wrong with the pipes and now there's a flood, or any other number of things that have to do with the house.

lexiieeex3 32

Usually if you don't like someone and they don't like you they wouldn't call you unless it was something important and they absolutely had to.

My thoughts exactly. Also OP, did she bother texting you after you did not pick up? Since it is 2015, I'm assuming this was on a mobile phone with texting capabilities.

We don't know if the roommate has a history of calling unnecessarily though. It could just be an unfortunate case of the boy who cried wolf.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say the roommate does like OP, and OP doesn't like the roommate. That's why it makes more sense that the roommate is calling OP for something important. Idk. If it were me, I wouldn't call someone I didn't like for something critical.

lexiieeex3 32

73- But you would if none of your friends had a car or were desperate.

That isn't true, sometimes people who are total ***** don't even know it and think the world revolves around them. The poster could have been a pushover to how nasty she is and finally decided to not answer the phone. There is NO ******* WAY they could have known this happened, and had the FML been because they wanted a ride to the mailbox and back, rather than the hospital, you'd all say their life sucks. The reason they called shouldn't matter. FYL that sucks, you don't deserve it.

i am literally seeing your comments on every post. what is your secret!?

wrong cause OP has no obligation to give "**** roomate" a ride. roommate could have called a taxi if it was that dire of an emergency.

#40 sure... so anytime you need a ride somewhere, your first thought is to call a taxi and not someone who lives with you?

Ehh don't feel too bad, you had no reasonable expectation that it would be a serious issue like that and frankly terrible people have no reasonable expectation that other won't ignore them.

muhnuqqa15 9

Exactly. It's not OP's fault that the roommate was having an emergency. I'm sure she wasn't mad at you specifically afterwards, she just really needed to go see her parents. You had no way of knowing. The only thing you can do knowing this now is trying to be extra nice and considerate!!:) good luck

Seriously? Damn did you lose your heart in an elementary school bet? Did you accidentally touch the lava when crossing from the kiddy playground to the normal-sized playground? If that's the case you still suck cause you're not supposed to touch the freaking lava.

That's not very nice of you, but you can tell her that you didn't see your phone..

and that would make OP feel like a much better person?

Not your fault she's a "****" no need to feel guilt. It was an accident and nothing to do with you.

ChopSuey444 20

See this is the appropriate response. I feel sorry for her and her parents, but if she's honestly a bad person, then she shouldn't have expected someone she's . . . ****-ish(?) towards to be there for her. It's not hard to maintain a professional type of politeness with people you don't like, especially if you have to interact with them often. And this just proves that you never know when you'll need them.

I wouldn't ignore anyone's call, even if I disliked them... Maybe that was a crappy move on your part but it's done now. I wish all the best for the parents.

Who doesn't screen calls? What's the point of caller ID if not to protect me from accidentally answering the calls of people I don't want to talk to? If the roommate needed a ride badly and no friends/family members were answering their phones, they could easily call a taxi or an uber. Your not obligated to answer a phone or give someone a ride.

These are college students, while you do whatever you have to when you're in college, I wouldn't make the assumption that *anyone* in college has money for things like that.. it's bad enough that this person's parents were in a terrible crash, but to also make them spend money they don't have? That's just not nice

But surely OP is also a poor student and she can't afford extra fuel to the hospital? She's not gonna give her a lift and say "hope your parents are alive and all, but can you give a fiver for the fuel, please?"

Wouldn't ignoring someone (especially a roommate) for being a **** kinda make you a **** too?

Not really - What if the reason the OP ignores the roommate is because the roommate is a bully/nasty to the OP or robs OP's things? That's what I'd classify as a ****, not ignoring a call; most cases that's just rude, but sometimes people have their reasons. The OP probably ignored the call because they thought why should they have to listen to someone they don't like outside of the time they have to see them. And to be honest, the roommate could have text OP after they rang to explain what happened.