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  HooyoMacaan  |  7

Yeah.. Im always paranoid of losing my phone when I go out with friends to larger venues, so I leave it most of the time.. Sorry for your loss, my phones like my baby.

  Akkuze  |  9

As long as you report it to the police and were looking after it properly when it happened (holding it your hand and having it snatched away I think would count for that...) then yes, there is insurance that will cover it.

  Senseless_487  |  29

As a matter of fact, 10, there is, at least with AT&T. If you buy the insurance, it'll cover anything, being it damage, loss, or theft. I believe it's a $100 deductible to get the new phone, as well.

  freshberries22  |  17

A lot of the deductibles for phones are just as much as buying a new one op should cut their losses and buy a new one and next time be more diligent about protecting their stuff

  loloalltheway  |  23

Ok sorry For spelling wrong , english is my 2nd language ....
And i know that but bringing your phone to a concert obviously is a huge risk and if OP held it harder in a " so called death-grip" OP still would have the phone ... But i know money doesn't grow on trees and i Will think after next time i comment something about money, sorry

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

You guys should know better! When I go to a concert I always wear a pair of shorts with zippy pockets and keep my phone in there. People steal shit at concerts a lot so if you are dumb enough to put a 200 dollar phone in the air and wave it like you just don't care someone's bound to take it. Learn from your mistake.

  Hozu  |  3

Actually that already exists I believe. Unless the picture that I saw where there was a pocket for a phone in the side straps was photoshopped...

  btstig  |  11

Apparently I'm the only one from down south Louisiana on this FML comment section. It's an expression. Same as " should have busted their ass".