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Today, I was at a concert. It was dark and everyone was singing and waving their lit-up phones in the air. I was having a great time, until someone snatched my £200 phone out of my hand. FML
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1) call it 2) triangulate it 3) collect it 4) beat the shit out of the guy that took it


HooyoMacaan 7

Yeah.. Im always paranoid of losing my phone when I go out with friends to larger venues, so I leave it most of the time.. Sorry for your loss, my phones like my baby.

Dude seriously?! It obviously sucks since its on FML!

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Oh ho, I seer what you did there noor! Instantaneous FML reference :}

People suck. And then they betray you.

missyj0 12

you have an awesome About Me, #2.

Lol to make it awkward, I used to! Better now. And people always suck.

71 there's no reason to be an asshole.

asianswag 6

That sucks. Hope you have insurance

Just a question: is there really a kind of insurance where you get a new phone when your old one is stolen?

Akkuze 9

As long as you report it to the police and were looking after it properly when it happened (holding it your hand and having it snatched away I think would count for that...) then yes, there is insurance that will cover it.

As a matter of fact, 10, there is, at least with AT&T. If you buy the insurance, it'll cover anything, being it damage, loss, or theft. I believe it's a $100 deductible to get the new phone, as well.

A lot of the deductibles for phones are just as much as buying a new one op should cut their losses and buy a new one and next time be more diligent about protecting their stuff

Depends on the phone. Without a two year contract, my phone would be 600 bucks. I'd much rather pay the $100 deductible if it was stolen.

You should have held it harder ... Anyways FYL stuff like that happens just get a new one and be more carful

chillyCholo 5

Yea, because having a death-grip on your expensive phone is a great idea

'cause everyone has money for expensive phones, on short notice

katiedoll6 7

Ok sorry For spelling wrong , english is my 2nd language .... And i know that but bringing your phone to a concert obviously is a huge risk and if OP held it harder in a " so called death-grip" OP still would have the phone ... But i know money doesn't grow on trees and i Will think after next time i comment something about money, sorry

cawoods 1

That's terrible. I've had something similar to that happen to me. It really does suck.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You guys should know better! When I go to a concert I always wear a pair of shorts with zippy pockets and keep my phone in there. People steal shit at concerts a lot so if you are dumb enough to put a 200 dollar phone in the air and wave it like you just don't care someone's bound to take it. Learn from your mistake.

Unless I'm noshing, my phone goes down my bra. Then I leave it with a friend.

Actually that already exists I believe. Unless the picture that I saw where there was a pocket for a phone in the side straps was photoshopped...

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I wish I had boobs..when I mosh with my phone in my zippy pocket I end up with a nasty bruise on my leg by the end of the day.

114 I think boobs might put you at a disadvantage in the mosh pit. I could be mistaken though, there are some scary girls out there.

That's what's wrong with the world. One should be able to bare their personal items in public with out harm or theft! But you can't. People suck!

LMFAOwned 9

It was an Android, wasn't it? Those things are way nicer than iPhones. Now before I get flamed by Apple fanboys, I was jk.

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countrygirl626 16

I've had both an android and iPhone. I personally prefer the iPhone. My iPhone doesn't spazz out and randomly turn off and turn back on.

1) call it 2) triangulate it 3) collect it 4) beat the shit out of the guy that took it

IworkAt711 14

Hes probably taken out the sim card.

Call it?! He just had his phone stolen....

73 I believe that OP's actually a girl.

No. U can still triangulate it. As long as the battery of the phone is being used.

Should of gone with the old fashioned cigarette lighter!

I know, right? That's what we did. Don't know why your thumbed down. I guess it's to old school for all the young little whipper snappers.

Yeah let's see them try to grab hold of that

Slender_Man 6

They're not allowed anymore because they are considered a fire hazard

200 pounds... That's a heavy phone xD

perdix 29

Damn right! That thief must have brass balls to steal from someone who can lift a 200-pound phone over his head!

Quick! Change your profile picture to Lame Pun Raccoon! Edit: @12

gingerwithsoul_fml 6

Man, must be one of thoes phones from the 1990's...

#72. Not to mention the low call quality with a lethal dose of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

btstig 11

Should have snatched a knot in their head!

Uh... OP should have done what to the thief's head? I'm so ridiculously confused.

btstig 11

Apparently I'm the only one from down south Louisiana on this FML comment section. It's an expression. Same as " should have busted their ass".

18/92- it's okay. It was pretty evident from your comment that it meant physical harm.