By AlwaysAwkward - 03/03/2014 02:30 - United States - Strongsville

Today, I got my first massage. At the end, the masseuse made a gesture indicating which way the exit was. After having had her hands all over my body for the past hour, I thought the gesture was indicative of a goodbye hug. Things got awkward really fast. FML
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After I read the first sentence i was thinking something else.

You were just saying thanks! Everyone deserves a good hug now and then.


She's probably experienced it before. Don't worry about it.

michaelaranda 28

Considering that things got awkward fast, I'm guessing she hasn't.

I have a feeling if it had happened many times before, the masseuse wouldn't have been awkward about it

* massage therapist Many people in this profession try to avoid the sometimes skeavy connotations associated with the older word "masseuse."

#35 - In many states, there's a significant difference between the two, legally. In Ohio especially, massage therapists are regulated by the state medical board, while anybody can be a masseuse. (And when did masseuse become a skeevy word? Maybe among skeevy people.)

cantik20 5

As LMT myself, a hug or two not a big deal as long doesn't follow with Mr. Boner poking out of their robes.

After I read the first sentence i was thinking something else.

Yea, I agree. You can easily get massage and message mixed up.

...I don't think that's what #2 was thinking.

@18 - #2 Was thinking about why most people dispise spiders, but adore Spiderman. I can only guess you are too young for any other explanation.

Maybe because people haven't tried throwing shoes at Spider-Man

SarahSehhati 40

Throwing shoes at spiderman would only rupture his eggsack releasing thousands of tiny spidermen throughout New York.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Contrary to popular belief, the eggs released by spiderman mature into regular spiders, not spidermen.

You were just saying thanks! Everyone deserves a good hug now and then.

TorturedXeno 27

'Twas an honest mistake on your part, OP. Happens to all of us.

So I guess a happy ending was out of the question too? Bummer.

Based on your username, i thought this FML was going in a totally different direction

We've all had those awkwardly misread hugs

whatwhatindayeah 11

Just because she touches people's bodies for a living doesn't mean she wants you to touch her back.

maarten82 2

This. A friend of mine had a pretty successful small business as an independent masseuse, but had to quit because she couldn't cope with the constant stream of men with, uhm, extra expectations. This was even though she was *very* explicit (both in promotional material and in real life) there would be *no* erotic element. Depressing.