By Anonymous - 26/08/2009 04:28 - Canada

Today, on a plane I was showing my brother the life jackets kept under the seat. After pulling on what I thought was the lifejacket, I then realized that they were kept in the arm rest to my right and for the last five minutes I had been pulling on the foot of the man who was sitting behind me. FML
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no1askdu 5

how does someone not notice that your pulling on there foot for 5 min

At least if you crash you will still have a leg to keep you afloat


no1askdu 5

how does someone not notice that your pulling on there foot for 5 min

#14 imagine the pervert who liked it haha

HahaYDI 0

He could be like the pervert on Family Guy...anyone remember the scene where he's on the plane and asks this kid to kick the back of his chair

Definitely belongs on - sorry this is not an FML. This is amusing.

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that makes no sense all life jackets are kept under the seat for 2 reasons 1 so no one pulls it out for no reason and 2 to save space at the armrest

At least if you crash you will still have a leg to keep you afloat

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Today, some little prick was on my plane and kept pulling my foot. I then proceeded to sodomize his mother. FML

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You fail so hard, that was stupid Anyway OP that's ******* hilarious

LOL jldavidson34. But really, how did you not notice you were pulling on a leg? Didn't you see the shoe? And life jackets are almost always orange and yellow, I highly doubt that this guy's pants were orange or yellow. And didn't he say something? I'm sure he would have noticed if you were pulling on his leg for 5 minutes, even if he was sleeping. Many holes in this fml, OP.

What makes you think that OP was looking under the seat? I assume she was reaching underneath, while sitting in her seat.

A shoe has a pretty distinctive feel. This op is either very dumb, or boring and not creative for making up this retarded FML which isn't even an FML at all.

Thats why you watch the demonstration at the beginning. YDI

Vball6 19

Who watches the damn long demonstration?

People that don't want to die maybe? But sometimes the videos only show it underneath your chair, and personally, I have never seen it under/near the armrest or a video which showed it near the armrest.

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hahaha. i think this is more of a FAIL.

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what's up with people using this new word like "fail" or "win"? fail or win what?

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He didnt mind.. other wise he would have eaten you alive. You deserve it.

rofl pwned yet i believe this is fake. 1 flying in anything besides 1st class is cramped and very annoying so anyone with a lot of patience would at least tell you or something. 2 if somone was touching my foot or something i would have pulled my foot back or asked them to stop after 5 mins, unless you are very young or something. YDI also because a life jacket and a foot doesnt feel the same

didn't the flight attendant tell you where the life jackets where? if not that is bad safety because you would have been pulling on that guys leg if you had crashed brilliant fml though!

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wow. nice going. that poor man.