By purple / Friday 29 January 2010 11:22 / France
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By  Soybean254  |  0

hahaha I remember one of those it started snowing and I fought some black guy there ahhhh.... jesus camp lol

By  english06  |  0

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  HelloAnna  |  0

#3 - Yeah, seriously, quit trying to shove your shit religion down everyone's throat. I'm sure if there were a 'hell', YOU would be the one going there, piece of shit.

  th3_godfath3r  |  0

maybe ur friend dosnt want ur ignorant ass melting in hell while u viciously regret not accepting Christ as he watches from the most pleasurful lovley place, sounds gay I kno, but still

By  pidri  |  0

can't stand those bible pushers!! did u sing kumbaya?

  nadsm  |  0

i'm not saying i disagree with you, nobody should be forced or have a religion shoved down their throat, but OP said he/she was invited, not forced.

  turdburgers  |  0

invited, yes, but his friend (probably on purpose to convert him) conveniently left out that it was a church trip. Hence why the OP thought they'd be hanging out and roasting marshmallows, not praising Jeebus.

By  pidri  |  0

ha! good luck in hell!?!?! typical god squad comment! were all going to hell if we don't attend Sunday services!

By  Kaemon  |  0

Nothing against camps like that, I Mean, I personally wouldn't go to one, but if someone wants to hey good for them.... but to not tell you what kind of camp? Sheesh, when its that kind of activity, in order to not alienate people one should tell others what it is.

By  blastvortex  |  3

Why did you assume that you knew what kind of camp he was talking about? All you needed to do was ask. I'd say FYL for having a friend that didn't tell you what the camp was about, but I can't even do that since you're the one that decided to make said person your friend. This is anything but FML material, OP, and simply by being here you're only stuffing your foot farther in your mouth. YDI.

By  bobtheduck1990  |  0

I hate religion it's worthless. I also hate religious bigots who push their idealogy on other people. I'm sorry you had to sit through. that OP :(

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