By sbutler - 14/07/2011 20:14 - United States

Today, while at my job at a Christian summer camp, I overheard one of the kids swearing. I politely said, "Please, only speak as Jesus would." He paused for a moment and replied, "Go to hell." FML
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A7X_LoVeee 10

Christian. -__-

Athoritaahhh 0

You sir are a fail. And I've come to a conclusion that you might be mildly retarded or have dyslexia.

Idonebeenhad 17


at least as a Christian he believes in hell!

changetheworld 0

YDI for attending a Christian camp.

YourEvilHero 12

people need to stop being so uptight religion

hey, dyslexics are teeple poo.

2ndSucks 15

There's nothing wrong with attending a christian summer camp, op can believe whatever he wants. I'm not gonna lie though, it was a pretty great comeback. :)

I can't belive I miss red that lol

Susieee_Q 9

A dyslexic Christian believes in Dog.

Just tell him to gtfo.


ahh... kids these days!

He can't. Jesus wouldn't say gtfo. That would just be hypocritical... which I'm also pretty sure Christians frown upon lol.

oooCANDLEMANooo 2 of the many reasons people leave the church, dogmatic and patronising garbage like this.

You can't swear at any normal summer camp you incompetent fucktard.

I swore at my summervamps. Fuck religion.

One. You did, everyone did, you are still not allowed. Second, your profile says "things I love:... all religions even though I don't believe." Now you say "Fuck religion." You are a hypocrite and everything you say is invalid. Proceed to hang yourself now.

I agree. I'm not against telling the kid not to swear, but if OP got off his high horse for 2 seconds and said something less patronizing, he might have gotten better results.

Hell, tell you what. How about you get your little bitch ass over to my place and you can try to make me hang myself. I will rock your pussy ass. I've said "Fuck women" before but do I love girls? Your damn right I do. What I say and what I feel are two different things. Don't try to call me a hypocrite over the internet you little punk bitch.

By definition saying different things from what you feel is being a hypocrite. Also, how nice of you to threaten to beat me up. I guess you gotta make up for your lack of intellect and self admitted small penis. Maybe if you wanted to be taken seriously you'd think about what you say. But I guess that's not cool.

whooo. I gotta favorite this FML so I can see where this fight goes. *gets popcorn* proceed!

69 - Fuck off, you over-reacting, whiny douche. Calm your balls, handle opposition properly, and maybe you'll be taken more seriously.

73 - Exactly. Eh, people will be people. Also, maybe*, not mayb. Oops.

Well, you asked for it :-)

hahahahahahahhahahahaha this is hilarious

ya got what you asked for >.

Captain0bv10us 0 these days... but I have to take my hat off to that!

Gorillaninja 0

Guess who is going to hell now?