By JayCee500 - France - Paris
Today, I deliberately didn't tell my therapist half of what I was going through because I didn't want to depress her. FML
JayCee500 tells us more :
I'm the OP. I posted this after my last session with my therapist--I'd realized that this particular person wasn't working for me because I didn't really connect with her to an extent where I'd be able to tell her all my problems. This is the first time I'm seeking therapy, and from what people have said, it sometimes takes a while to find someone you are truly comfortable with. Just to be clear--I don't think that my particular problems are at all special, and they aren't even that bad when compared with half the shit people I know go through. It was just getting to the point where I was deliberately excluding things that had happened to me/that I felt because I considered them too "pathetic" to share. You can probably guess that one of my problems is that I care way too much about how other people perceive me.
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  EphMi  |  5

That's very considerate of you OP.
However, if you're not opening up to them, that means they are not doing their job right.
Next time, you should help them by letting them help you.

PS: Life is rough, we all have our fair share so never think that you are alone.

  poopsi  |  19

I do that too.. Really not a good idea at all. Therapists learn how to cope with such things before being able to help you. :] If you're anything like me, this is very difficult to do.. But I believe in you , OP! C:

  cakefete2  |  30

This is good advice. Also, if you find yourself clamming up, just think of the cost of your visit. The desire to get your money's worth should really get the conversation flowing.

By  nomtard  |  16

You know, listening to people and their stories no matter how depressing they are is part of their job description.

Having said that, I hope things do work out for you op.

By  ZombieSazza  |  34

Find a therapist you're comfortable to talk to, you'll find it helps talking about everything, once you've said it out loud you can feel a weight relieved from your shoulders and your therapist should help you find ways to solve/cope with your problems.

By  MishMashMosh  |  20

Tell it