By AlwaysAfraid
Today, I went on a date for the first time in almost a year. To keep things casual, he had a couple of his friends join. Oh and by a couple of friends, I mean a party of people from his church. I'm not religious. The date wasn't even half over before I was being preached to. FML
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  Sinshine  |  27

Agreed. People can do and believe whatever they want but once they try to aggressively convert people, they stop being worth time. On the positive side, at least he brought them to the first date and saved OP from wasting several days before finding that out.


Hail, brother! Can I interest you in this vegan-friendly, God-fearing exercise regimen? Jesus saved your soul, so why not save your own, and thousands of animals, as well?

By  MiracleKa  |  5

Next time invite 12 of your girlfriends and come dressed in black robes and a bunch of pentagrams, then ask his family if they've accepted Beelzebub as their judge and tormentor.

By  Chazzster  |  20

Unless you are a kid, a date is one on one. If the other person is bringing others it’s a sign you need to cancel and bail out.

In the best case, a group date shows the person is either a kid an not allowed on real dates or immature.

In the worst case a group date is an ambush situation like yours was.