By Tori - 15/07/2012 21:52 - Australia

Today, I told my boyfriend that I've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Despite all my attempts to explain that he's wrong, he is totally convinced that my genitals have diabetes. This guy is going to be such a great father to our kids. FML
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rttr 18

That's the same reaction my dad had when they found out my mom had it! Don't worry, just teach him what it really is. Also I'm sorry, but that is very funny.

33: I have type 2 genital diabetes; my penis gets fat whenever a pretty girl gives it some sugar.


rttr 18

That's the same reaction my dad had when they found out my mom had it! Don't worry, just teach him what it really is. Also I'm sorry, but that is very funny.

I guess it's to late to change the breeder.

MrBrightside21 20

#1 - Actually, it't not funny at all. Genital diabetes are not a laughing matter, no matter what situation you are in.

33: I have type 2 genital diabetes; my penis gets fat whenever a pretty girl gives it some sugar.

edixon0406 3

Are you already pregnant?? Because you may want to think again before having kids with him..

countrygirl626 16

57- You have to be pregnant to have GESTATIONAL diabetes. Do I need to say that you need to pay more attention to the FML?

edixon0406 3

Lol nm I didn't know exactly what gestational diabetes was lol

60- I guess I don't either. I guess # is passing their class with flying colors.

it's not funny at all. it's probobly a serioua matter for our OP here, but her boyfriend/baby daddy doesnt take her seriously. things like that are enraging to no end. i am so sorry OP.

KidS? are you having a multiple birth?

missamazinggg 12

There is a such thing as twins.

Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar (diabetes) that starts or is first diagnosed during pregnancy.

If she's got gestational diabetes, she's obviously about to have a kid...

shahs 3

25 - The root word of gestational is gestation. It's pretty straight forward..

26 - Don't be a know-it-all. Pregnancy isn't the only meaning of gestation. I personally thought it meant that the diabetes had a gestational period, i.e. it developed over a period of time.

25 - But everyone who has access to FML also has access to sources that tell you what "gestational diabetes" is.

I'm going to sound like a full out dumbass here do please pardon my stupidity, but when I read gestational I thought I had something to do with genitals. I read to fast to see the diabetes part do I didn't clue in

PenguinSwag47 0

26 - Oh! When you pointed out the root word that I could clearly see in the full word, I suddenly realized the definition of gestation! Come on guys! It's so straight forward -_-

I didn't know what the word meant, no need to be a ****-head about it.

kodinbug 2

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just because he doesn't know what gestational diabetes is, doesn't mean he's going to be an awful father. No one knows everything.

10 It's not the fact that he doesn't know what it is that makes him seem stupid. It's the fact that even after he has been told otherwise he thinks her genitals have diabetes.

I think it's a little bit late to not have kids with him. Unless there's a coat hanger laying around. Or a set of stairs.

27 - clearly you haven't had any children with a comment like that. Keep it that way yea?

And you are the one that chose to reproduce with this genius!

flutter4 7

Just because he is a dumbass doesn't mean he will be a bad dad.

36, it's being a stubborn dumbass that does not bode well for good parenting or a good relationship with the mother.

36 - tell OP that. They're the ones who said it first:p

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Maybe you could google it and show him a credible article on the subject? Hope everything goes well.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just because someone doesn't know what something like this is doesn't mean that they will be a terrible parent.

Nothing like a good ol slap in the face! Wiki style!

No duh ~ which is why it's posted on fml Have a nice blessed day

shawnaishere 14

Can't blame him. Anyone who doesn't know what it is would think it has something to do with genitals but diabetics in the genetals, what are the odds?

If you know what diabetes is you would know it doesn't make sense for your genitals to have it. Unless your genitals eat and have insulin problems.

AppallingRogue 2

I'm just going to say that it's not necessarily a faulty pancreas because I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few months after turning 16. They told me that in most cases such as mine my immune system comes in contact with some bacteria or other material that for lack of a better term, hijacks my antibodies and used them to attack and kill my pancreas. Furthermore it's not as bad as it seems, I only have to check before meals and if I can feel myself getting low or high which is usually easy to spot before I get too extreme with either level. To all others with this I'm sorry that you have to deal with it, I wouldnt wish it on my enemies.

Fyl, he's as bright as a black hole XD

Many black holes emit electromagnetic radiation that is warped by the intense gravity, such that it emerges as light in the visible spectrum. Therefore, black holes are often very bright. Idiot.

kitkatkit 4

Ha! The ignorance of some people who have the audacity to call other people stupid...

#97: This is not common knowledge, you can't expect people to know that and call them dumb when they don't.

Got a second I thought the same thing fml and fyl